Restaurant Review: Fishsteria’s Crudo Brunch. When brunch is nearly 100% seafood

Restaurant Review: Fishsteria’s Crudo Brunch

When brunch is nearly 100% seafood

Jenni Lien  Jenni Lien  on 27 Dec '17

Fishsteria has long been a dependable seafood restaurant for those in the know. Its shopfront in Wanchai may be unassuming, but the doors open to a woodsy bar on the ground floor and an absolutely massive restaurant on the first floor. The design is classic and comfortable, with ocean-inspired decor and multiple banquettes. I’ve heard good things about their oyster happy hour deal but have never had a chance to check it out for myself. So when the opportunity came to try their Crudo brunch ($378), I was excited to finally experience the food.

While reviewing the brunch menu, I was honestly a bit taken aback by how seafood heavy it is: 100 percent raw seafood, with the only exception being the dessert. Three of the four optional main courses are also seafood based. I mean, I like seafood, but this seemed like it might be a bit much.

What did we tuck into?

Round 1: six freshly shucked oysters

These little babies were freshly flown from Brittany, one of the world’s largest producers of oysters. They had a crisp, clean taste that I enjoyed, accented with a squeeze of lemon.

Round 2: five types of unlimited raw seafood

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We started with the tuna tartare. The quality of the tuna was excellent: smooth and not too lean. It was simply garnished with some fresh dill and served alongside a tartare-like sauce. Absolutely delicious, and I wanted seconds right away (but I paced myself *pats self on the back*).

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Next up was the prawn ceviche. There’s something about the light, sweet flavour of raw prawns that gets me every time. The prawns used for this dish were nice and juicy, accented with passion fruit, olive oil and citrus. Personally, the tanginess of passion fruit is too much for me, but this was my dining companion’s favourite of the raw dishes.

The gravlax was one of my favourites. The salmon was almost jammy in texture, with a nice dill crust.

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Those who are used to having hamachi in a Japanese style may enjoy this dish at Fishsteria. It was simply served with olive oil and lemon, but the fish itself was like butter and the high fat content gave it almost a caramel tinge.

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The last of the raw dishes was a chorizo-spiced sliced octopus. The sliced tentacles were absolutely massive and soft; fans of octopus would enjoy this.

Round 3: main courses

Those who really enjoy raw seafood will find the Round 2 dishes to be more than enough, especially if you go for seconds or even thirds! But we couldn’t resist trying the hot main courses ($158 each) – and were glad we did.

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The crabmeat pasta was awesome: small, chewy, al dente balls of pasta with amazing crab flavour throughout.

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However, the snapper absolutely wowed us. The fish was moist and tender; there wasn’t a dry bite. The richness and sweetness of the tomato sauce and the saltiness and juiciness of the pitted olives went perfectly with the fish without overwhelming its natural flavour.

Round 4: dessert

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While Fishsteria definitely knows what it’s doing with seafood, their desserts are also surprisingly excellent. We loved the pear tart, with its biscuit crust, lightly spiced poached pear base and white chocolate cream topping.


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Fans of Bloody Marys should not miss the Bloody Amazing Mary menu. I tried the Yellow Submarine, with a yellow tomato base, smoky salt, balsamic vinegar and vodka – it was easily the best Bloody Mary I’ve had in Hong Kong.


There was really nothing not to like about Fishsteria’s Crudo brunch. The seafood was fresh and plentiful. The ambience was relaxing with a classic feel. The service was friendly and attentive. If you and your loved ones are into seafood, definitely check out Fishsteria. It’s a cute place for a date, but it can easily host a big family too.

111 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, 2343 8111

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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