NEW: 3/3rds in the City

NEW: 3/3rds in the City

Beloved Wong Chuk Hang eatery opens its new Central location

jenpaolini  jenpaolini  on 28 Mar '16

If you live in the Aberdeen area, you have probably heard of (and frequented) Wong Chuk Hang cafe cum restaurant 3/3rds. Despite its isolated factory location, it's a hot-spot for in-the-know foodies and 100% worth the trip, even if just for their signature gooey cheese toasties that you will dream about long after you've tasted it. Specialising in fresh, green, and healthy fare, the food enthusiasts behind 3/3rds provide a wonderfully diverse menu that speak to those who believe in treating their bodies right.

Well, travel snobs, snob no more, because 3/3rds has opened the doors to its long-awaited inner-city location. Tucked into a corner of Manning House on Queen's Road, Central, this 3/3rds branch is cosy, intimate, and bound to pack out, so if you plan on coming here for lunch, come early, or expect to be bringing your nosh back to the office.

We visited the new location on the night of their grand opening. Bright and airy, the window seats are perfect for mid-day people watching (though we didn't do much of that, as we immediately zero'ed in on the food). A selection of just under 20 dishes was prepared for the occasion, including soups, salads, pizzas, and of course, the famous cheese toastie, which was quickly pounced on by hungry guests.

Wild Rice with Pomegranate Seeds & Pistachios

Beans and Peas with Mustard Seeds

Chargrilled Broccoli with Garlic and & Chili

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We sampled the wild rice with pomegranate seeds and pistachios ($60 S, $90 L), beans and peas with mustard seeds ($60 S, $90 L), the chargrilled broccoli with garlic and chili ($60 S, $90 L), and the cheese toastie ($65). The wild rice was refreshing and crisp and surprisingly filling, with the pomegranate seeds and apricot adding a mild sweetness into the mix. I'm not sure if words can do the cheese toastie justice; I have scarfed down many cheese sammies in my life, but this one is pretty next-level: the mixture of cheese oozed from between the two buttery, toasted slices, and tiny pieces of onions, red onions, and leeks gave it an additional oomph. For me, the show-stealer was the chargrilled broccoli. I have very rarely tasted broccoli so well seasoned, with just the right level of crunchiness (firm enough for a satisfyingly solid crunch, not too firm as to stab your gums); whatever voodoo magic the chefs bestowed upon those broccolis, they did it right, and I'm all for it, because they were perfect.

We finished the night with a selection of thin-crust pizzas; overall, the three cheese with parma ham was umami without being too overwhelming and the cheese was sharp and rich, just the way we like it. The delightfully crisp and almost paper-thin crust is also worth a mention.

Well done to 3/3rds for finding such a commendable balance in their flavours! Their menu roster changes weekly, so there's your excuse to make frequent visits. Plus, they offer soup and salad combos and stock a selection of hand-picked alcoholic beverages. There's literally no reason on earth you don't want to give this place a try.


Shop 1, 1/F, Manning House, 38-48 Queen's Road Central, Central



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