NEW: Champagne Lunch at Foxglove

NEW: Champagne Lunch at Foxglove

Mondays and Fridays can be hard, but they're about to get better

jenpaolini  jenpaolini  on 4 May '16

Foxglove is a place that, in my opinion, just seems to do everything right: charming decor, unique vibe, secret doors, and even more secret rooms, great music, badass drinks, attentive and engaging service, and now, awesome food. Naturally, I'm a big fan. I'm an even bigger fan of drink deals, so I hopped on down to Duddell Street to check out Foxglove's Champagne Lunch, a new add-on to their existing Executive Lunch Set that is available on weekdays.

The menu for the lunch set revolves around Western-style dishes with heavy Japanese influences, and is brief and to the point with three starters, three mains, and two desserts to choose from, as well as a selection of reds and whites, and four mocktails. With the introduction of the Champagne Lunch, available only on Mondays and Fridays, your meal can be a little boozier and merrier.

Obsiblue prawn

I started things off with a Matcha Yakult mocktail to whet my appetite and then eagerly moved on to our two starters, the vine tomato garden, and the obsiblue prawn. The starters were small bites, but packed with striking flavours. The salad's not just your average green nibbles; a plump tomato sits atop black quinoa, mozzarella, pinenuts, black olives, and baby cress (sorry, no pictures of the salad, I'm afraid; too busy noshing). The flavours and textures are wonderfully diverse. The obsiblue prawn is paired with sea urchin, salmon roe, a thin wafer of crispy dried squid ink, and yuzu dressing; it was salty and rich with a deep umami taste that tingled the palate.

Slow cooked pork belly

The slow-cooked pork belly was served with a dollop of carrot and cumin puree, on a bed of grilled corn and black rice. The truffle jus that accompanied it provided the right amount of moisture, but honestly, the pork belly didn't need it; it was juicy and tender and the skin crackled and crunched with every bite. The black rice and corn provided additional texture and paired well with the smooth puree. The meat was salty and sweet and soft; I only wished the portion was bigger so I could have enjoyed more of it, because I give the mouthfeel a rating of A+.

Molten chocolate cake

After the taste bud explosions of the starters and the main, the molten chocolate cake seemed to fall a little bit short. My palate had been spoilt by the many levels of subtle seasonings in the previous dishes and, although it was a rich, gooey, and a delicious finish, it didn't match up to the rest of my lunch and felt underwhelming to end my meal on this note. Regardless, I still polished it off, because good chocolate cake is good chocolate cake; I just wasn't sure that this was the best dessert to round things off with.

Overall, Foxglove is a great contender if you need new ideas on where to spend your lunch break in Central; close enough to the bustling offices, but secluded and tranquil enough for an hour or more of peace and quiet to gather your wits after a hectic morning. We'd suggest inviting your business partners to dine here; the portions are small, but the flavours pack a punch, and there's plenty of room in between courses to chit chat. Priced at $280 for two courses and $340 for three courses, Foxglove's Executive Lunch set certainly isn't within everyone's budget, but the food on their rotating menu is superb and the setting is resplendent with age-old charm and distinct personality. Just remember to come on Mondays and Fridays to snag the complimentary champagne with your lunch set.


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