The 24th Great Chefs of Hong Kong Festival

The 24th Great Chefs of Hong Kong Festival

Heep Hong Society's Great Chefs of Hong Kong fundraiser is back and it did not disappoint

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Heep Hong Society have always been a very prominent do-gooder in the Hong Kong community – providing support to children with developmental and learning disabilities – and we love supporting good causes, especially when it means a one-night feasting extravaganza featuring 40 of the city's top chefs. The Grand Hyatt hosted the fundraiser this past week, and we were privy to a sneak peek of it here a few months ago as part of a press preview. Naturally, we had to go back during the real shindig to sample almost everything the festival had to offer. Here's our round-up of the night and the selection of dishes that we would definitely like to have again – and again and again and again.

The Beach House

Salmon Toastie and Shrimp Salad from The Beach House

The Kowloon Hotel

Baked Diced Abalone and Chicken Pie from Hoi Yat Heen

The Kowloon Hotel

Slow-Cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek in Red Wine Sauce, served with Creamy Potato Mash, from The Window Cafe

The Kowloon Hotel

Steamed Dumplings in Chiu Chow Style from Kwan Cheuk Heen

Porterhouse by Laris

Braised Short Rib and Truffle Stew with Parmesan Croutons from Porterhouse by Laris

Porterhouse by Laris

Porterhouse Pork Bun from Porterhouse by Laris


Signature Pulled Pork Taco from Coyote


Smoked Pulled Pork Slider from Coyote


Tuna and Mango Ceviche from Coyote

The Grand Hyatt

Hainan Chicken Rice from Grand Hyatt

Hotel ICON

A selection from Hotel ICON

The Royal Garden

Plum Somen Noodles with Salmon Roe and Seaweed from The Royal Garden

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel

A dessert selection from Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel

W's Entrecôte

Angus Rib-eye Steak with W's Herbal Butter Sauce, Sautéed Whole Mushroomand Snails in Alsatian Style from W's Entrecôte

Brick Lane

Salmon Yorkshire Pudding from Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Banger and Ink Mash from Brick Lane

Mmmmmmm... Thanks again to the wonderful chefs at this year's Heep Hong Society's annual fundraiser for providing us with a great opportunity to shamelessly nosh and snap pictures that perpetually make us hungry.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, 2588 1234



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