What We’re Eating at Taste of Hong Kong 2018. Making our must-try list and checkin’ it twice

What We’re Eating at Taste of Hong Kong 2018

Making our must-try list and checkin’ it twice

jenpaolini  jenpaolini  on 21 Mar '18

Only one more sleep till the start of Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered 2018, which means it’s high time for me to start making my list of foods that I’m going to try this year and checkin’ it twice. Having experienced how besieged by hungry diners some of the restaurant booths can become, I’ve got my game plan down pat for the festival by looking up what’s on the menu and preparing ahead.

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Photo credit: Bubbledogs

Mac Daddy

How do you make fast food even better? Make it fancy and slap two dishes into one! London’s Bubbledogs’ entire menu is making me salivate inelegantly, but I’ve got my eyes on their Mac Daddy ($85), a sweat-inducing amalgamation of hot dog and mac ‘n’ cheese that I can only imagine is going to make my taste buds explode in mouthgasms. This is one unholy dish and, Lord, I am ready to sin.

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Photo credit: @simplyb313

Kathmandu Meatball Mo’s

We’re expecting bright colours and even brighter flavours at BlackSalt’s tent this year. Amongst their other offerings, they’re set to bring their delectable steamed momos ($80) to Taste. Handmade, stuffed with Austrian grass-fed pork rump and served with a spicy sesame gravy, this is the perfect dish to start off your day of feasting.

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Photo credit: @frantzenskitchen

French toast

I can’t wait to get my hands on this bougie AF French toast ($120). Frantzén's Kitchen will only be at Taste for two days instead of the full four; with our opportunities thus limited, we’ll be making a beeline to their tent to try their extravagant take on French toast, with shaved truffle, aged balsamic vinegar and aged cheese in all their glory.

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Okay, Caprice, you’ve found my weakness – this little profiterole ($50) better blow my mind, because under no other circumstances would I be shelling out $50 for a sole profiterole. I want all the caramel cream, Tahitian vanilla Chantilly cream and chocolate sauce you can smear on.

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Photo credit: Taste of Hong Kong

Tropical fried ice cream bao

I’m going to dive into Little Bao’s tropical fried ice cream bao ($50) like my life depends on it. The fresh, fruity flavours of pineapple ice cream, mango, banana and white chocolate cannot be denied.

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Photo credit: @blackstarpastry

Strawberry watermelon cake

There’s no point making it to Taste this year and not getting in the queue for Sydney bakery-café Black Star Pastry’s much-lauded strawberry watermelon cake. No word yet on how much this pretty little indulgence is going to cost, but I’m braving the crowd for the likes.

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Photo credit: @tasteofhongkong

Chicken biryani

We’re really getting a whole bunch of different foods at this year’s Taste. Black Sheep Restaurants’ New Punjab Club has North Indian and Pakistani cuisine covered this weekend and will be dishing up a festival-exclusive chicken biryani ($120) that I’ll be using to warm up my belly should we experience a weird cold snap again.

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Roman ravioli

Your favourite friendly neighbourhood pasta makers will be making an appearance as well, and they’re throwing an exclusive dish into the mix. Pici’s Roman ravioli ($70) is stuffed with amatriciana sauce and Italian sausage and topped with Pecorino cheese and black pepper sauce. Into my mouth it goes...

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Photo credit: @tasteofhongkong


I’m a sucker for hot dogs, so this one-off collaboration between our very own Duddell’s and London’s Bubbledogs automatically has my vote. Exclusive to Taste of Hong Kong, the Duddelldog ($95) is a proper East-meets-West combo of pork frankfurter topped with Hong Kong–style sweet ’n‘ sour pork, pineapple and peppers.

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