The Often-Overlooked Hong Kong Street Food

The Often-Overlooked Hong Kong Street Food

Bet you didn't know it existed!

 Jessica  on 25 Jul '16

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Fishballs and egglets are the first associations for most people when they think of street food, but we are here to tell you that the Hong Kong daipaidong offers so much more.

Stuffed three treasures (煎釀三寶) are a snack that allows you to choose your own adventure. For about ten dollars, you can pick between four or five fried foods. Selections usually include eggplant, tofu, sausages, bitter melons, green peppers and bell peppers. All of these 'treasures' are receptacles for the star of the show, the fish fillings. The fish is fried to golden, and tastes fresh, salty and a little sweet. They are also chewy, and release wonderfully savory juices as they hits the tongue.

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The overall taste varies for each type of 'treasure': try tofu for a sweet explosion of flavour, pepper, bell pepper, or bitter mellon for a slightly more nuanced, bittersweet flavour, and eggplant or sausages for a saltier experience. But really, our advice is to try mixing it up and get a little bit of everything! Roll your snack in chilli oil and string it up on a thin bamboo stick for maximum enjoyment.

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