FOOD WAR: Cookie Monster [VIDEO]

FOOD WAR: Cookie Monster [VIDEO]

We test out taste buds on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie

 Jessica  on 13 Aug '16

We do the tasting so you can do the snacking.

For this edition of Food War, we test out chocolate chip cookies. Unsurprisingly the supermarket brands didn't score as high as the fresh made brand and none are quite what your mom used to make but some will do the trick in a pinch. 

CHOCOCHIPS Cookie by Morinaga

available at Wellcome

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These cookies came individually packaged, which we thought obviously excessive and so completely environmentally unfriendly.

Many of us deemed these cookies too dry and flaky, while a few others thought they were just fine. Not great, not bad, just fine. So, nothing to sing about, and we would recommend not buying them just for the over-packaging alone, but if you are a take-a-cookie-a-day out in your backpack kind of person (hey, don't judge) then these might be the single serving treats for you. 

Foodie rating: 2.5 stars

CHOCO CHIPS by Bourbon

available at Wellcome

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Not a single one of us liked these very much. The cookies didn't even taste of chocolate and contained so little actual chocolate that it felt like false advertising. Though they delivered an inviting, crunchy first bite, the cookies were very dry and powdery, and the taste was a complete let-down. Skip these when you go cookie-shopping.

Foodie rating: 1 star

Simply M&S Chocolate Chip Cookies

available at Marks & Spencer

Image titleThere was some division over the quality of this cookie. The chocolate bits, which were embedded generously into the cookie, were quite delicious. While a few of us thought the cookie itself was too dry, there were some who were in favour of this cookie and thought it was perfect. Overall, an acceptable addition to the cookie jar.

Foodie rating: 3 stars

Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie

available at Mrs. Fields Cookies

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We unanimously agreed that this was the best cookie of all (quite unsurprising as it was the only fresh baked variety in our little test). The cookies, soft in nature (again, the only freshly baked so this was not shocking), broke a little upon touch, and were nice and chewy in our mouths. We loved the texture of the dough and the taste of the chocolate. which worked together to create a glorious cookie. 

Foodie rating: 4.5 stars

Patisserie Edition Double Chocolate Cookie

available at Wellcome

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The chocolate chips in these cookies were large and plenty, and we were fans of that, just because we are generally fans of chocolate. Our judgements were quite polarised when it came to the cookies' texture: some of us advocated for the cookies' greatness while others swore it dried our mouths up. Either way, a solid contender for a place in the cookie jar. 

Foodie rating: 3.5 stars

So here's our definitive ranking:

  1. Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie
  2. Patisserie Edition Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Simply M&S Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. CHOCOCHIPS Cookie by Morinaga
  5. CHOCO CHIPS by Bourbon

We admit that the Mrs. Fields cookies may have an unfair advantage, as they are freshly baked and thus guarantee an out-of-the-oven softness and tastiness that the other prepackaged cookies didn't have. Nonetheless, they are by far the tastiest. Mrs. Fields stores are almost as ubiquitous as the supermarkets you can find the other cookies in, so head for Mrs. Fields if you're really feeling the cookie munchies.

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