How to Make the Best Mozzarella Sticks

How to Make the Best Mozzarella Sticks

This is how to make the best mozzarella sticks that are ready in 30 minutes

Joanne  Joanne  on 10 Aug '15

There is no further justification needed for the following recipe other than the following words: sticks of mozzarella. 

You will need: 

30g flour 

130g breadcrumbs 

2 eggs

1 tablespoon milk

450g mozzarella cheese 

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Photo credit: The Gunny Sack

Follow these instructions for 12 tangy mozzarella sticks:

  1. Cut the mozzarella cheese into sticks of around 8cm x 1cm x 1cm 
  2. Whisk the eggs
  3. Add milk to the egg batter
  4. Coat the mozzarella sticks with flour, shake off the excess
  5. Dip it in the egg batter (making sure it coats completely) 
  6. Roll the cheese stick in bread crumbs (must be coated well or cheese may leak!) 
  7. Freeze them for around 20 minutes to avoid melting the cheese when frying
  8. Heat a heavy pot in around 3 inches of oil 
  9. Fry the mozzarella sticks until golden brown (takes around a minute) 

Dip it in Marinara sauce or simply pizza sauce and enjoy! 

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