Wine without the Hangover

Wine without the Hangover

Meet our friend natural wine

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What is natural wine?

Natural wine means organic or biodynamic wine. Natural winemakers don't add any artificial yeast, nutrients or, most importantly, sulphur – this is how wine was made 200 years ago. 

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Why do we love natural wine?

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No headache the morning after

Although not proven, it is commonly believed that hangover headaches are caused by sulphur, so you can enjoy a glass or two of natural wine without suffering from a throbbing head afterwards. Some say that because the alcohol content is natural wine is lower, you can drink more without getting drunk, leaving you hangover free. 

Better for the environment

Chemicals used in the winemaking process are eventually released into the environment. Chemical fertilisers, insecticides and other artificial substances accumulate in the food chain and ultimately end up in our bodies. Furthermore, the chemicals also affect the farmers and winemakers who create the wines we so love to drink.

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Better taste

Believe it or not, natural wine really does taste better. 

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Where can I find natural wine?

In Hong Kong, there are quite a few restaurants serving natural wine – look no further for Foodie's 8 Places to Dine with Natural Wine. Or you can order online from AFoodieMarket – all the wines are supplied by Natural Food & Beverages.

Buy a bottle of natural wine and compare it to your regular bottle for yourself!

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