Three new ones we've just gotten wind of; two bars and a health food store

Keshia  Keshia  on 12 Jun '15

1) Mahalo 

If you like Honi Honi you are going to love Mahalo. From the very same creators of the beloved Wyndham St lounge, the Tiki-madness continues but this time in Wan Chai. Located in the QRE building, and in the penthouse no less, this will be a high end number with drinks going for $100+. A Hawaiian utopia, a Tiki wonderland, an eden of pineapple-coconut nonpareil you need to visit this summer. 

Location: Wan Chai

Opens: End of June 

2) NEO: Artisanal Cocktail Club 

Founders of Parisian bistro, Cocotte, are to open the ‘naughty little sister’ across the steps on Shin Hing Steps. Candace Campos of ID Design, the mastermind behind Cocotte’s interior, has designed NEO with retro vibes reminiscent of eighties pop rock and geometric lines. Think Van Halen meets perpendicular things. 

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The artisanal cocktail menu has many an individually sourced independent liquors such as pineapple infused Jamaican overproof rum, ginger honey water mescal and homemade cider vinegar syrup bitters among the many offerings to gratify the senses. 

Location: Soho

Opens: 15th June  

3) HeyHome

It’s called HeyHome and located on Russell Street in Causeway Bay, just across Times Square. The specialty food store is one that focuses on rare healthfood products that are difficult to find in Hong Kong. Saucy.

The idea noble indeed; to offer a variety of healthy food choices in an organic food hut format. There will be Artisana raw cashew butter ($155), organic oatmeal (porridge) from the US ($60-$76) and organic hazelnut oil ($138) amongst the exhibited, which is great, because we are eating nuts and their evolved butter cousinslike it's going out fashion. #butterusup

Location: Causeway Bay

Opens: open now



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