Four New Places to Get Oysters This Summer

Four New Places to Get Oysters This Summer

Bivalves, get your bivalves!

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There are a number of odd things in the ocean. And as humans, we tend to end up eating them. These pearls of the sea are no exception. Apparently, they actually ARE an aphrodisiac due to the levels of zinc present. 

Hong Kong really is your oyster. 

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Pretty ideal on a summer's evening, The Continental are becoming even more perfect by making available daily a happy hour that doubles all orders of oysters and Rosé. From 5-8pm, they're granting everyone who orders six oysters a complimentary upgrade to a dozen oysters. Likewise, guests who purchase a bottle of Maison Saint AIX Rosé automatically earn a complimentary upgrade to the next size. Diners who order a standard 750ml bottle, for example, can double their enjoyment and receive a 1.5L Magnum. Larger groups can upgrade from a Magnum to a 3L Jeroboam at no extra cost, or purchase a Jeroboam to receive a 6L Methuselah. So much rose, so many molluscs. 

Unit 406, L4, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

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Newish to Tai Hang, these guys do oysters deluxe, with shooters, oyster Po' Boys, and oyster stout, as well as the au natural version with lemon. A 5th generation family-owned company producing Olympia, Kumamoto, Pacific & Virginica oysters, they hail from Washington state and this is their first venture in Asia. They've a lazy open-air restaurant with a seamless flow to the street outside, and a bunch of oysters all chilling on ice ready to be selected and devoured. 

42-43 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang

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From the wowing women who brought us The Woods, The Walrus, like The Woods, is focused on freshness, seasonality and seafood. Oysters in particular. In addition to a rotating selection of fresh oysters, there will be new ways of enjoying them– such as with special sauces and toppings and cooked with different methods. The Walrus is a modern take on 'nautical', and is a high-energy little space that you can sit down at high tables for a proper meal, or just pop in for a drink and a half dozen oysters before or after dinner. They're also planning oyster shucking classes, take-away party packs for junk trips and BBQs, and bottled cocktails for retail. Dangerous.  

64 Staunton Street, Soho

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When we heard of the Asian food with a Western twist idea spawning from Townhouse, we were understandably hesitant to dive in to what we imagined would be Italian-ramen glory. The twists are seen in subtle ways; oysters come with tom yum sauce that enlivens the bivalves as we feel the Kilpatrick offerings never did; an interpretation of deep fried whitebait (椒鹽白飯魚) comes with kimchi mayo. We found the oysters to be fresh and the right size and texture (medium sized and firm) and the tom yum sauce added nice bite. The views are well pleasing as are the drinks. 

23/F, California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street, Central



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