Cali-Mex's Quest for the Best Tortilla

Cali-Mex's Quest for the Best Tortilla

A noble one, given they are churning out over 3000 each day

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Buying a burrito is like buying a Mexican present for yourself. 

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However, the tortilla must be on point, or the whole eating experience is compromised. Astride to the perfect burger bun, perfect pizza base or perfect choux pastry to an eclair, it's a fundamental step those proudly bearing the tortilla torch must master. 

Cali-Mex care a lot about their tortillas. 

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Each night they make over 3000 tortillas, that are then delivered warm to their stores across Hong Kong. They are on a mission to deliver the highest quality of Mexican food to this city, standing out from the crowd with their meticulous sourcing and world-class produce. 

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Here are 5 reasons Cali-Mex's tortillas are equitably superior: 

  • A state of the art machine from a renowned tortilla machine manufacturer (in Texas no less) is the architect of the discs of flour, and is currently the only machine in Asia
  • They use 100% Australian mill flour, from largest flour producers in Australia - Manildra 
  • The tortillas are baked fresh in the central kitchen every night (10pm-8am) by experienced pastry chefs and delivered to stores the next day. A total of over 3000 pieces are made every day 
  • There absolutely no preservatives or additives
  • High quality Spanish olive oil is used to make the tortillas, in place of butter or lard. This makes for a healthier tortilla that is also vegan.

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