3 High End Gazpachos for Summer

3 High End Gazpachos for Summer

The go to summer soup is getting quite a reputation in Hong Kong; these are our favourite 3 high end gazpachos for summer

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Keshia  Keshia  | about 3 years ago

Look up summer in the dictionary and you will see a photo of gazpacho. This cool yet sapid soup emerged from the southern parts of Spain and we have seen it on a lot of menus in the last two months. We accordingly felt it necessary to communicate where you will find the best ones. 

We also suggest finding someone called Gary and taking them along to one of the below so you can Instagram a photo with the caption 'Gaz with Gaz' to complete your life. 

1. Amber 

Gazpacho in two levels, Richard Ekkebus doesn't mess about. Recently named number 38 on the World's Best Restaurants list, this is less gazpacho, more cool-molecular-tomato-in-two-layers. The top is an assembly of herbs and jelly that is fruity and fragrant. The vinegary gazpacho is then poured over this and slips through the holes on to the cheese balls, micro herbs, pineapple and tomato orbs hidden under. Served with cured meat and air baguettes, it's Spanish tapas 2.0.

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Landmark Atrium, Central; 2132 0066

2. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon 

Eating this is like what we imagine eating gazpacho on the moon in 61 years might be like. A new menu released by Monsieur Robuchon focuses on the therapeutic qualities of food that go beyond daily sustenance, based on a book written in conjunction with Dr Nadia Volf (MD, PhD), Professor, Founder and Co-Director of the Scientific Acupuncture Department at the Medical University of Paris, France. The "invigorated" tomato candies with citron olive oil and curcuma are vaguely molecular, the 'invigoration" comes from a refreshing gazpacho that gushed from the delicate sugar coated tomatoes which were rolled in toasted cherry tomato powder. The base of the plate is brushed with a light sheen of clear tomato jelly, accented with dots of basil, tomato and gazpacho cream.

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L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
Landmark Atrium, Central; 2166 9000

3. Catalunya 

A firm favourite of Hong Kong, this Spanish restaurant stays true to its roots with a summer menu, showcasing another iteration of gazpacho. Lobster is the protagonist here and shares the stage with a few orbs of watermelon, adding a spot of sweetness to the garlicky soup and tomato foam. The natural umami in the tomato does well to bring the top quality lobster to life. 

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Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Rd; 2866 7900


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