NOMA to Pop Up in Sydney in January 2016

NOMA to Pop Up in Sydney in January 2016

Rumours have been flitting about but the restaurant confirmed it this morning, NOMA to pop up in Sydney in January 2016

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Chefs in both Denmark and Australia have mentioned it time and again over the last few months, but as of this morning, Chef Rene Redzepi and the NOMA team have confirmed they will be moving to Sydney for ten weeks at the end of January, 2016.

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Voted the World's Best Restaurant multiple times, as well as one of the more decidedly influential players in the culinary realms, ran their first pop up in Japan of this year. An experience that stretches both diners and chefs, the team leave all of Copenhagen behind and embrace the new country's ingredients and kitchens. 

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Redzepi wanted a country that was entirely different from both Denmark and Japan, and he quotes Australia as his first choice.

"I really like working with Aussies, and hope to learn something new."

An effort that is rooted in partnership with Tourism Australia, Lendlease and NOMA, the team will set up shop in the Anadara building on Wulugul Walk in the Streets of Bangaroo, on the Sydney CBD's western side that meets the water, on the opposite side of Darling Harbour to Pyrmont. It is Australia's first carbon-neutral development, in line with Redzepi's commitment to sustainability with locally and foraged foods. 

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The location was also chosen as it was reminiscient of Copenhagen's affinity with the waterfront. Redzepi says of the location: 

"The place right there on the edge of the water - that reminded me very much of Copenhagen. It was a feeling of, 'wow, this is Noma in the south'."

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The restaurant is set to be open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday, and will cost somewhere between 400 - 500 per head. What currency, how the reservations can be made and what will be served is still entirely up in the air. Aware of the criticism the Fat Duck endured for charing significantly higher for the pop up event than what a normal meal in England would cost, Redzepi is aware. So too is he abreast of the costs of  moving an entire restaurant and staff to the other side of the world. 

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Wild duck served at Noma's pop up in the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo early 2015
Image titleHakkori pumpkin served at Noma's pop up in the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo early 2015 

If his Japan adventure was anything to go by, this will be another envelope pushing gastronomic experience. In an excerpt from Rene's interview with Gourmet Traveller's Pat Nourse about what is to come for Noma Australia

What did you learn from the Japan adventure?
"That you have to do this for life experiences. That has to be your ultimate goal: to enrich your life."

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