7 Perfect Foods for a Night in

7 Perfect Foods for a Night in

These are 7 perfect foods for a night in; when you want to curl up on the couch in your tracksuit pants with a glass of red

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Date night...at home! Boys' night...at home! Book club...at home! In is the new out, and pretty much all the activities that can be had out, can be had in for less money and more snuggie time.

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1. 30 second cheese crackers 

You literally need Parmesan cheese and a non-stick skillet for these crispy savoury discs. 

Make a bunch of them and then dip them in all kinds of things. Honey, tomato sauce and pesto work particularly well. 

2. Cheese toasties with cauliflower bread 

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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 

Cheese toasties with no carbs, well limited carbs, which makes us all feel way better about eating our body weight in cheese. 

Get the recipe here. 

3. Mug cup brownie 

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This takes five minutes to make and most of the ingredients you probably already have in the pantry, which effectively removes all possible barriers to entry.

Get the recipe here. 

4. Guac 

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This guacamole contains no peas but loads of yum. Chunky avocado meets a bit of lime, some garlic and onion, then they all hang out with a spicy jalapeno to create a party in your mouth. Put it on toast, smear it on some crackers, do whatever, but always make sure there is plenty of guac for a night in.  

5. Eggless cookie dough 

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Why leave out the egg? We're glad you asked. Cookie dough is pretty much essential when there are movies and couches in the picture, but the slightly unsettling fact is eating raw eggs is not ideal. It can make you quite sick. Apparently so can eating loads of raw flour, but that's a risk we are willing to take (note: do not eat too much of this. No matter how many eggs you leave out, pounding mass amounts of unbaked goods probably isn't ever a you-beaut idea). 

Recipe here. 

6. Kimchi ramen popcorn

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This is how you pimp your popcorn. Grab a paper bag, fill it with corn kernels (buy them literally anywhere – most local supermarkets have them), take two tablespoons of kernels and pop them in the bag. Tape the bag shut, pop it in the microwave and hear your creations come to life (note: make sure the bag stands upright to avoid burning your corn)! Alternatively, drop the same amount of kernels into a saucepan with some oil (coconut is delicious) and on low heat, pop the lid on and wait until the popping stops. 

Then, pour the popcorn into a bowl, coat it in a dash of butter (100 grams melted) or oil (one tablespoon) and add a sachet of instant noodle flavour (we love kimchi ramen); the ones that cost $2 at Wellcome. You're wellcome. 

7. Vanilla chia seed pudding 

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And to balance out all the gluttony, healthophiles will love this recipe for coconut vanilla chia pudding. Make a batch and pop it in the fridge for the week ahead's breakfasts! The night-in food that keeps giving...

Recipe here.


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