NEW Restaurant: Fish School by David Lai and JIA Group

NEW Restaurant: Fish School by David Lai and JIA Group

NEW restaurant: Fish School by David Lai and JIA Group reflects the local culture and Hong Kong resources. To open on Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, this OCTOBER

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It was with a heavy heart that Hong Kong bid farewell to On Lot 10 earlier this year, a David Lai restaurant that snuggly nestled into the urban cool of Gough Street for years. Chef David brought a new wave of French cooking to Hong Kong, the type that wasn't quite so turgid as French cuisines has been known to be, yet still remained accomplished in technique and dazzling in flavour. This continued with Neighbourhood, the kind of casual, cosy venue one would expect to share a bottle of good red alongside plates of comfort food amongst close friends. 

Yenn Wong, pioneering entrepreneur and founder of the hospitality based JIA Group (Meen & Rice, 208, Ham & Sherry, Duddell's et al) seems to have a knack for finding outstanding venues at good prices, packing them with talented chefs and bartenders and communicating a sharp concept, which has resulted in a leading restaurant movement in Asia's World City. 

The two are collaborating in an effort to bring a fresh and unique concept to Hong Kong. Fish School, set to open in early October 2015, is an intimate 50 seater restaurant tucked away in Sai Ying Pun’s Third Street that promises to redefine local cuisine.   

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100 Third St 

Hong Kong born Lai’s lifetime love of seafood and vast knowledge of local produce spurs the project. “Hong Kong began as a fishing village and seafood continues to be a unique pillar of its local culture,” says David. “From multi-generation small-boat fishermen families, to the markets, to the dried seafood industry and to our dinner plates, we are truly fortunate as a modern metropolis to be still receiving food from our immediate surroundings as nature intended. As a chef there is no better inspiration than these pristine gifts from nature.”

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“Inspired by the here and now of Hong Kong, Fish School aspires to redefine what is Hong Kong food today,” says Yenn. “We bring modern, contemporary Hong Kong culture to the plate with a cuisine that reflects the local culture and our resources, but doesn’t necessarily fit into one particular culinary category.” Serving up the freshest seafood primarily sourced from small, family-owned fishing boats, Fish School creates dishes which are carefully prepared with seasonal ingredients from nearby farms growing produce specifically for the restaurant.

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Executive Chef Chris Ma, who is most recently known for working at Michelin-starred NUR, will draw on his local and international experience in kitchens in New Zealand, Sweden (Restaurant Frantzén), Australia and Hong Kong (Amber) to bring the best of multicultural cuisine to diners’ plates at Fish School.

Fish School

100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun
2361 2966

Due to open October 2015 

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