Motorino Shows Guests ‘Four Ways to Eat a Neapolitan Pizza’

Motorino Shows Guests ‘Four Ways to Eat a Neapolitan Pizza’

Motorino Shows Guests ‘Four Ways to Eat a Neapolitan Pizza’ and Invites Pizza Fans to Showcase Their #MotorinoStyle

Keshia  Keshia  on 8 Oct '15

Motorino’s Neapolitan pizzas are no ordinary pies. Different to the firm-based pizzas typically served by the slice, Neapolitan pies are traditionally served uncut, boasting a distinctly light, malleable dough and a juicy, molten centre. Made with Naples’ finest Caputo Farina “00” flour and topped with only the best ingredients, vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella from Campania, these artisanal pizzas spend a maximum of 90 seconds in Motorino’s super-luxe Stefano Ferrara oven. The authentic preparation lends the pies their signature charred crusts and bright flavours.


For years, the correct way to eat a Neapolitan pizza has been the subject of fierce debate. From grip to lifting technique, every pizza fan has an unswayable opinion that can leave tables fighting over more than the last slice. But which way is the right way? Hong Kong’s favourite Neapolitan pizzeria is weighing in on the controversy by inviting guests to show us their #MotorinoStyle (or preferred way of taking down the unique pies) on Instagram for the chance to win a complimentary pizza*. Kickstarting the competition, Motorino has created a Four Ways to Eat a Neapolitan Pizza guide that can be found on every table at both the SoHo and Wan Chai branches.  Sure to get juices flowing in more ways than one, the authentic Neapolitan pizzeria’s visual aid highlights four of the most popular ways to take down the famed pies.



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Sophisticated types can make like an Italian fashionista and tuck into a Soppresatta Piccante (HK$158), tomato sauce, fior di latte, spicy soppressata, fresh chillies, garlic, oregano, pecorino and extra virgin olive oil, with a Knife and Fork.



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For those on-the-go, folding a whole pizza into quarters Al Portafoglio is common practice amongst workers in Napoli. Referring to the English ‘portfolio’, the uncut pie is twice-doubled over, like paper, and eaten from the crust inwards. This crafty method keeps digits, shoes and shirts squeaky clean – no easy feat whilst strolling through SoHo with a classic ItalianMargherita (HK$138) — tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala, basil, pecorino and extra virgin olive oil. The perks of thePortafoglio don’t end there - gravity guarantees the last bite is jam-packed with mouth-watering flavour, ensuring the perfect ending to a delicious meal.



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The Halo puts the spotlight on Motorino’s fresh toppings, such as those featured on the Colatura di Alici (HK$178) – mozzarella di bufala, red onions, grape tomatoes, white anchovies, chilli flakes, gaeta olives and extra virgin olive oil. The ultimate choice for carb watchers, a knife and fork are used to carve the piping hot pie from the inside out, leaving the airy crust completely intact around the edge of the plate.

Not a calorie counter? Guests can opt to mop up tasty juices with morsels torn from the pillowy hoop, or skip the crust in favour of desserts such as the decadent Torta Al Cioccolato (HK$98) and Tiramisu (HK$68).



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Sharing a pizza? The Fold is perfect for handling individual slices and funnels the flavourful juices directly to guests’ mouths. Folded lengthways from crust to point using the index finger and thumb, Motorino’s hometown of New York is loyal to this pizza eating tradition.


Rolled, carved, inverted or stripped bare— the possibilities are endless. Guests can follow and tag @MotorinoHK in their inventive pizza-eating snaps, using the #MotorinoStyle hashtag to enter the competition.


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