Bocadito Adds New Dishes to Their Authentic Tapas Menu

Bocadito Adds New Dishes to Their Authentic Tapas Menu

Bocadito, one of our favourite tapas bars in Soho, adds new dishes to their authentic tapas menu including some outrageous 24 hour cooked BBQ pork ribs

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We aren't always the first to line up for tapas. They're more comparable to appetizers than main meals and they often consist of cured meat, cheese and tomato in many different iterations. However, the tasty explosions cannot be ignored when done well and with variety, which is exactly why we are taken with Bocadito in Soho; an undeniably great tapas bar. 

Spanish culture tends to put off eating until around 10pm at night, at which point one is not inclined to plough through a plate of Cottage Pie (although if you are going to do this, make sure you use this recipe to induce the food coma as it is entirely delicious), but would perhaps prefer something a little more bite sized. Bocadito have captured this ethos perfectly, with drinks that would be best consumed always and small yet hearty plates of what is some of the tastier Spanish food Hong Kong is churning out. 

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Best start with the ceviche ($88), which has been upgraded from a standard Mexican street food style ceviche with sole (marinated in lime, coconut and roasted chili) to include a heap of crispy squid that nestles on top of grilled peppers and sweetcorn. The textures play off each other wonderfully. 

Then hit the pork belly with green mole ($128). This is one of those 'pork dishes you need to order when in Hong Kong' type dishes, as the pork belly is initially cooked for 72 hours (sous vide) and then roasted and glazed with honey. It is served with a green mole of blanched peas, broccoli  and sunflower seeds. 

Pork headlines again in the BBQ pork ribs ($189) which are cooked for 24 hours and roasted with a homemade BBQ sauce made from caramelized chipotle chillies and the jus from the ribs. They literally fall of the bone when you pick them up (NB: Do not neglect the corn with the ribs, which has been grilled to charred, juicy perfection). Very very delicious. 

Finally, because it makes everything better, order the chorizo ($108) which even the non-chorizo lovers at the table loved. It is imported from Spain and sautéed with white wine and cider, so it is tender in the most excellent way. Teeming with flavour, it's the dish we couldn't stop eating. 

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Pork belly 

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Pork ribs 


Two of us eating were satisfied completely and the bill for food only came to just under $500; unheard of in HK. Throw in a bunch of the Spanish wines and expertly made cocktails (our recommendation is pictured below–the Passion Tropicana: passionfruit, banana, rum, triple sec and lime all twisting into each other in a perfectly balanced tipple) and it is good, good night. 

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Passion Tropicana


It is the type of bar we would hit as drinkers even if not wanting to eat, but when you want to eat it is also an excellent shout. Happy hour from 6pm – 8pm comes with a little nibble as so often happens in Spain, and on Sundays, all you can drink beer with free nibbles is on offer. They're also open for late night drinking every night of the week, which we have taken advantage of at 9pm, 11pm, and 1am respectively (and at times all three times slots). A great neighbourhood eatery that will leave you happily fed and even more satisfactorily drunk. 


40 Staunton St, Central

Tel. 2549 2878 

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