NEW Vietnamese Restaurant by Black Sheep Restaurants: Le Garçon Saigon

NEW Vietnamese Restaurant by Black Sheep Restaurants: Le Garçon Saigon

A new Vietnamese restaurant by the wildly popular Black Sheep Restaurants Group, Le Garçon Saigon, open now

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Le Garçon Saigon, a brasserie by Black Sheep Restaurants is now open. Le Garçon Saigon is the first of its kind to debut in Hong Kong. The Saigonese brasserie is renowned hospitality group Black Sheep Restaurants’ tenth venture, and celebrates the fresh and vibrant flavors of Saigonese cuisine in a relaxed and welcoming space of a chic Parisian brasserie.

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The concept of La Garçon Saigon was created by Black Sheep Restaurants’ co-founders Christopher Mark and Syed Asim Hussain (who have brought us La Vache!, Boqueria, Chôm Chôm, and many more).

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Born out of a craving for traditional Vietnamese flavours, as well as a passion for innovation, dishes will focus on premium proteins like the Wagyu beef Tri-tip ‘Bo-Liu’ (Vietnamese version of beef teriyaki) (HK$138) and Kurobuta pork ‘Thit Nuong’ (Vietnamese pork, usually served with vermicelli (Bun Thit Nuong)) (HK$138). The idea is flavoursome, grilled meats with fresh vegetables and zippy accompaniments. 

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Chef Bao (of Ho Lee Fook) helms the culinary side at the upcoming brasserie. Committed to preserving traditional cooking techniques (founded while growing up in his parents’ Vietnamese restaurant in Australia), Bao’s style is now a distinct genre that combines southern Vietnamese cuisine with a touch of French cookery.

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The menu is divided into appetizers, entrees and sides, and a meal begins with selections from the 'Les Petits' section of elevated traditional Vietnamese dishes. Selections from 'Les Grillades' features a hearty grilled plate served with flavorful condiments and fragrant side dishes. The meal ends with simple and refreshing regional desserts, and a well-curated list of French wines. 

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Inspired by Saigon’s colonial influence, the dining room is bright and clean with inventive details; hand painted murals and art deco light fixtures with juxtaposing plush banquettes and intricate mosaic floors. the soundtrack is très important, and Le Garçon Saigon will pump out some gypsy jazz, a genre that characterised bistros and cafes in 1930s-50s Paris, and a mixture of French pop and rock. The tempo picks up as the evening progresses, with French house from the 1990s onwards playing late into the night.


The restaurant will open only for dinner at the beginning, but the hopes to introduce all-day dining early next year.

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Le Garçon Saigon

Website or Tel: 2455 2499


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