What You Should Be Eating & Drinking at Clockenflap 2015

What You Should Be Eating & Drinking at Clockenflap 2015

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We love the music line up, but the food is looking just as appealing. For foodies, this is what you should be eating & drinking at Clockenflap 2015

This year, Clockenflap expects more than 60,000 attendees to enter the festival site to check out the line up of artists which includes The Libertines (UK), Damien Rice (IE), Crowd Lu (TW), Ride (UK), Flying Lotus (US), Love Psychedelico (JP) and Clean Bandit (UK). 

But we're equally excited by the food line up.... Check it out: 

Absolut Electrik Bar

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The Absolut Electrik Bar, conveniently situated across from Clockenflap’s Electric Stage, will feature a luminescent lounging area to sip Absolut Electrik cocktails specially made for Clockenflap. Cocktails will include the Absolut Electrik Blue Mule, a take on the traditional Moscow Mule. 

Clocken Cali-Mex    

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Errybody loves a piping hot burrito as they await New Order to shuffle on stage. Get your fix from Cali-Mex who are around all weekend.

For the Cider Cats

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Somersby have a cider garden to chill in (on beanbags no less...)

Jerk Chicken Burger and Fries 

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Beloved Rummin' Tings are doing jerk chicken burgers ($80) and fries ($40)

Butchers Club Deliciouses 

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Butchers Club right in the heart of the action dishing out steak sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, steak and ale pies, vegetable curry pies and hot dogs. 

Korean Fried Chicken Time

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TaKorea's loaded their k-pop chicken up for Clockenflap! Find them at booth #13.

Vegetarian Haven

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Leaves & Liberty is the awesome new addition to the Beef & Liberty family, catering, as one would gather, to the plant-based folk. They love their greens just as much as they love great meat and this is their little homage to the mighty vegetable. 100% vegetarian, wholesome and perfect to balance those pints of lager. 

Tacos for Everyone

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Brickhouse are at Clockenflap all weekend serving your Brickhouse favourites. Expect to see Tuna Tacos, Hamachi Tostadas, Tortilla Soup and Braised Beef Cheek Tacos

Find them in the same spot as last year–near the Mainstage at booth 8!

Bagels from Bagoes 

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We don't know about you but we often fancy a bagel midway through a good electronic dance set. Find them at Bagoes' stall.

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