JIA Group to Open New Thai Restaurant Mak Mak at The Landmark this December

JIA Group to Open New Thai Restaurant Mak Mak at The Landmark this December

The prolific JIA restaurant group is set to open their ninth restaurant Mak Mak at The Landmark this December, focusing on central Thai cuisine

Keshia  Keshia  on 8 Dec '15

Opening this month, prolific restaurant group JIA headed by restaurateur Yenn Wong will open their ninth restaurant, this time championing the flavours of central Thai cuisine. The Landmark will be the home of Mak Mak, the newest addition to the family of popular restaurants including Chachawan, Duddell’s and 22 Ships.

Executive Chef Mumu will be leading the charge, known best for her time at Yenn’s restaurant, Kha, in Singapore. Mumu has worked in a variety of restaurants ranging from fast and refined to high-end fine dining concepts since 2008. 

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Kha in Singapore is another Yenn Wong restaurant (photo via Is Asia City)

Having set the bar quite high for themselves with Chachawan, the menu is going to need to be punchy and innovative, flavoursome and authentic. While Hong Kongers often lament the lack of decent Thai food (pre-Chachawan and Issaya Club), if Mak Mak is able to remain accessible in price but crave-worthy and inviting to dwell in, there might be a winning cuisine type in Wong's ever-increasing restaurant kingdom. 

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Chachawan has been widely lauded as the best Thai in HK (photo via Pentenfoodie)

Chef Mumu’s menu will see to this. Not neglecting classics like Tom yum goong, Pad Thai and curries, but also including appetisers such as Hor muk salmon; a spicy steamed salmon soufflé in banana leaves with coconut dressing ($128), Goong tod bai chaploo; red curried king prawn and pepper leaf tempura with a tamarind dipping sauce ($128) and Thod man poo; Thai crab and prawn cakes, green mango salad, yoghurt, sweet chilli sauce ($148). 

Salads include Larb gai; spicy minced chicken salad, Thai herbs, green lettuce and crispy wonton ($128) and Yum ma muong; green mango salad, shallot, roast peanut and fish sauce caramelised with palm sugar ($108).


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Larb gai (photo via Crazy Radishes)

Mak Mak’s noodle dishes feature highlights such as Pad Thai ($128) and Pad see eaw; stir-fried flat rice noodles with kale and sweet oyster sauce with pork or chicken ($108) and curries like Massaman lamb ($208) and Gaeng hped ped yang; red roast duck curry, Thai eggplant, grapes, vine tomato ($168).


Mains, made for sharing, include familiar dishes such as Goong tom am hang; wok fried tiger prawns, tom yum sauce, lemongrass, chilli, green herb salad ($98), Poo nim phad phong ka ri; wok-fried crispy soft shell crab, yellow curried sauce of egg, Chinese celery, shallot and garlic ($198) and Mieng pla DIY; do-it-yourself crispy fish fillets wrapped in betel leaves, roasted coconut with aromatic tamarind sauce ($228).

Vegetable lovers check out a lush vegetarian menu which features Keiaw thod-j; crispy wontons stuffed with mushroom, tofu and sweet chilli sauce ($78), Yum som o, spicy pomelo salad, roasted coconut, ground peanuts, sweet and sour sauce with lime and palm sugar ($95), Lab tau hoo; spicy salad of crispy tofu, roasted rice and mushroom, green lettuce ($88).

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Yum som o - spicy pomelo salad (photo via Rasa Malaysia)

In keeping with the style of JIA's founder, restaurateur Yenn Wong, the space will be an edgy eatery reminiscent of 1960’s Bangkok recreated by NC Design & Architecture (the firm responsible for Mrs Pound and Krug Room). Simulating the back streets of Bangkok, The Landmark destination features a storefront that bears resemblance to a traditional Thai grocery store with a 60-seat airy 'Thai residence-style' dining area hidden away behind it. 

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The Landmark (photo via Wikicommons)


Mak Mak

Website or Tel: 2983 1003

217A 2/F Landmark Atrium 15 Queen's Road, Central

Opening Hours

Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm (last order at 2.30pm)

Dinner: 6pm – 11pm (last order at 10.30pm)



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