FOODIE NEWS: Life Cafe Closing in Hong Kong

FOODIE NEWS: Life Cafe Closing in Hong Kong

Life Cafe, a stable healthy favourite of Hong Kong and winner of 2013 Foodie Fork's Best Vegetarian, is closing all units of the restaurant as of this Saturday

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In rather devastating news, Life Cafe is set to close all outlets of the healthy vegetarian restaurant chain in Hong Kong, completed as of this Saturday (Dec 12th 2015). It comes as a blow to the plant based community of Hong Kong as well as those who frequent the restaurant for a nutritious, dependable meal. 

When we're sick, the dhal at Life Cafe has never let us down. 

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Life Cafe was begun 11 years ago and has been said to be a harbinger of what is now a thriving vegetarian movement in Hong Kong. According to Hong Kong Free Press who spoke to Managing Director Moosa Alissa, the closure comes about due to the high demand of "continuous growth the economics of the restaurant business in Hong Kong demands." 

"As a small business, this is always challenging. We looked at the business, and decided to take our assets and utilise them in other ventures that we believe have greater growth potential,” Alissa added.

“Our hope is that our success will encourage entrepreneurs to create and grow the healthy dining scene that we originally pioneered in Hong Kong,”


All food and beverage will be free of charge on Saturday the 12th, the final day of operation for the business, at their popular SoHo location.

Life Cafe

Website or Tel: 2810 9777

10 Shelley St, Central 



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