Why Being a Food Writer is a Lot Like Being in The Grinch

Why Being a Food Writer is a Lot Like Being in The Grinch

It's Christmas so I was watching the Grinch and had the stark realisation that being a food writer is a lot like being The Grinch

Keshia  Keshia  on 23 Dec '15

When it's only Tuesday but you've already eaten at 5 restaurants

You're trying to find any excuse to not go to that event

Your friends send a list of possible birthday party restaurants and you're all like

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You're supposed to have written an article pertinent to a holiday/event/celebration but you forgot

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When you literally cannot cancel dinner with yourself because that's your job

When it's deadline day and you have been editing for 7 hours straight and someone vaguely mentions happy hour

When you've seen the same people every day at various events so you can't outfit repeat

You start valuing exercise like never before 

You have so many deadlines but the party is just too fun

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