Sneak Peek - Noma Australia Unveils Menu

Sneak Peek - Noma Australia Unveils Menu

Yesterday Noma Australia unveiled the menu for the sold out ten week residency in Sydney from 26 January until 2 April

Keshia  Keshia  on 27 Jan '16

Noma Australia at Barangaroo, Sydney yesterday unveiled the menu for the sold-out ten-week residency. The restaurant, a partnership between Noma, Tourism Australia and Lendlease, showcases some of Australia’s best and most interesting produce with a strong focus on coastal ingredients.

Wild native fruits and seaweed

Wild native fruits and seaweed / Jason Loucas

Rum lamington

Rum lamington / Jason Loucas

The opening Noma Australia menu plays on the theme of seafood with a nod to a few classic Australian dishes – seafood platter of pippies (Victoria), sea bounty mussels (Victoria), strawberry clam (Eden, NSW), flame cockles (Eden, NSW), oysters and crocodile fat; a pie of dried scallops (King Island, Tasmania) and lantana flowers; abalone (Ulladulla, NSW) schnitzel and bush condiments; and a rum lamington.

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René Redzepi, one of the world’s best-known and most respected chefs, and his Noma team, have spent the last twelve months travelling to every corner of Australia, taking in all states and territories, learning about native ingredients, local wines and cooking methods.

Interiors of NOMA Australia

Interiors of NOMA Australia / Jason Loucas

Redzepi said: “On my many trips around Australia I’ve seen a larder that is so foreign to me. Foraging for abalone, eating fresh muntries, nibbling on pepper berries and cracking open a bunya nut – these experiences are so wild compared to what we’re used to in Europe. Spending time with indigenous communities in places like Arnhem Land, have left the biggest impact on me and the Noma team. For instance seeing the use of fire as the main way of cooking ingredients inspired us. Most of what we’re cooking at Noma Australia will be cooked over fire. We’ve built a menu based around the ocean and the coastal ranges. Clams, crabs, marron – the seafood is so pristine in Australia that we’ve had almost too much to choose from.”

Unripe Macadamia nuts and Spanner crab / Jason Loucas

Unripe Macadamia nuts and Spanner crab / Jason Loucas

NOMA Australia

Seafood platter with crocodile fat  / Jason Loucas

John O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Tourism Australia said: “René has had the ultimate Australian trip. He’s visited the most iconic locations in this country and some lesser known, all with the purpose of cementing Australia as a global destination for food and wine. They’ve had some really special experiences from seaweed diving in Tasmania, to a last-minute dash across the country to Albany for snow crabs. The Noma team has created something extraordinary and we know it will have a lasting impact. We’ve been incredibly proud to partner with them on their journey.”

Peanut milk and freekah «Baytime» at NOMA Aus 
Peanut milk and freekah «Baytime» / Jason Loucas 

Since the launch of ‘Restaurant Australia’ in May 2014, spending by international visitors on food and wine in Australia has grown by nearly  $700 million (16.6 per cent) – already exceeding the two-­year target originally set for the campaign. In the same period, global perceptions of Australia as a food and wine destination have improved – with the country’s ranking rising from 10th to 6th.

Rene Redzepi - Noma Aus

Rene Redzepi - Noma Australia / Jason Loucas

The Noma Australia residency will run from 26 January until 2 April.



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