Little Burro Launches Brunch

Little Burro Launches Brunch

What starts with L and ends with ...unch? The new Little Burro Mexican Brunch of course

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Little Burro's new Mexican brunch is a win-win situation, given it's very fairly priced (nearly all items are under $100), nutritious without being meh-tasting, and has the capacity to be consumed at 11am or 3pm, depending on whether a breakfast burrito is your calling or homemade banana bread with vegan Nutella is more your jam (erm, spread). 

Always on the lookout for a great avocado toast ($55), Little Burro's first win is in the guacamole/fresh avocado combination, served with a side of seasonal salad (add fried or scrambled eggs (extra $25) when you're feeling protein-deficient or if you're this guy). 

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Avocado toast with guacamole, chunky sliced avos and red cabbage salad

The full Mexican ($128) comes with everything we heart like chorizo and rosti, and the breakfast burrito ($78) does that too only wrapped in a warm, ever-so-slightly-chewy tortilla, which upon purchase is like getting a foil wrapped present for yourself. It's also a prime vessel for Sriracha, which is something we attempt to put on 90% of the food we eat.

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Breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, potato rosti and chorizo

On to more sweet items; the overnight oats ($50) are thick oats soaked in almond milk, topped with berries and pumpkin seeds and can be 'pimped' with peanut butter for a mere $5. The banana bread ($45) with yoghurt and fresh fruit is worth breadfacing, and we like that you can get real hipster real fast by adding vegan cocoa butter ($10) to the warm, soft slice of carb. 

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Banana bread with yoghurt and fresh fruit and avocado toast

Because Hong Kong has no understanding of moderation, there is, of course, the option to add free-flow Prosecco margaritas or mimosas ($200 for 2 hours) and for the more sensible, organic coffee and fresh juice are also available. The juice is the winner of this lot; drink all the freshly squeezed juice that's actually freshly squeezed. 

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The Full Mexican with eggs, bacon, chorizo, guac, salad, beans and salsa

There's a whole lot more on the menu, but we haven't had a chance to try it. Though if these first four dishes are anything to go by, Little Burro is onto a winner with its new Mexican brunch. 

Available at Little Burro Sheung Wan, weekends and public holidays from 11am-3pm.


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