Best Restaurants; Top Steak House's in Central for Lunch

Best Restaurants; Top Steak House's in Central for Lunch

Where can you enjoy the best lunch in Central, Hong Kong? Find out who makes the list so special with the likes of the finest restaurants in Hong Kong

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Are you looking for a lunch spot for a weekend catch-up and cocktails with your friends? Perhaps you want to find a good place for grabbing a bite to eat during your lunch break in Hong Kong? From a delicious steak house to a popular takeaway spot, we take a look at the best lunch restaurants in and around Central…

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Blue Butcher


Blue Butcher is a steak house located on Hollywood Road. This New York style restaurant presents a Butcher & Fries Lunch. The best part of this lunch is arguably the fact that the fries are all-you-can-eat and there is also a free flow salad bar, so don’t worry if you are counting the calories. There are lots of different options at the salad bar, including Macaroni Salad and a Tomato Salad with Balsamic Syrup and Shaved Parmesan. When it comes to the main course you have a choice of four different options, which are as follows, Butter Milk Southern Fried Chicken, Dry Aged Grain Fed USDA Rib Eye Steak, Dry Aged Black Angus Burger and BBQ Beef Brisket. You can also opt to add various toppings to your fries, such as Melted Mozzarella and Cheddar or Black Truffle and Parmesan. Will you have room for dessert?

Fish & Meat


Next we have Fish & Meat which is a restaurant situated in Central on Wyndham Street that has a strong farm-to-table philosophy. They have a special lunch menu that runs from 12 pm until 3 pm from Monday until Saturday. This new menu will start  from January 27th. This is a three-course lunch menu that has several different options for diners to select from. Some of the starters include the likes of Crab and Jalapeno Crostini, Grilled Octopus Salad and Crispy Fried Whitebait. When it comes to the main course you will be able to choose from the likes of Pan Fried Sea Bream, Porchetta Ciabatta with Slow Cooked Pork, Fontina Meatball Baguette and Seafood Risotto. If you want a healthy option, the Slow Roast Chicken Salad is a good choice. Finish off with the Chocolate Pot or Sicilian Lemon Tart.

La Rotisserie


La Rotisserie is another excellent choice if you are looking for a nice lunch meal. This takeaway spot can be found in Sheung Wan and there is a se t lunch menu option for guests to enjoy. This includes The Soup of the Day with a Quarter of Chicken and a Choice of Sides. The choice of sides rotate periodically and include the likes of Couscous, Steamed Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes. If you want to you can swap the Soup of the Day for an Iced Tea.

K Roll

Image titleLast but not least, K Roll is a great option for those looking for a quick bite to eat, as it is a takeaway spot also located in Sheung Wan. Thus, if you haven’t got time to sit in and dine, this is another good option for you. The menu features the likes of Shrimp Korritto, Spicy Pork K-Box, Original Ramen, Seafood Noodle Japchae and Tofu Bibimbap.

So there you have it, four options for those looking for the best lunch in Hong Kong, from the best steakhouse to salad bar. You will certainly enjoy a delicious lunch at any of the food establishments that have been mentioned.

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