How Clean Eating Can Change Your Life

How Clean Eating Can Change Your Life

We all know that healthy eating is advised. But, there are lots of benefits associated with clean living that a lot of people do not realize.

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We caught up with Russell Doctrove, the chef at Fish & Meat, who gave us a greater insight into why clean eating is so important. Next time you are deciding what to have for lunch in Hong Kong, remember the following points…

Improve Brain Function

Russell begins by explaining that healthy eating is vital for the brain. He says: “A lot of studies pay testament to the fact that eating a Mediterranean-style diet makes you less likely to suffer from brain defects. I incorporate a lot of fish, extra virgin olive oil, olives, avocados and beans into my diet.”

Better Workouts

Of course clean living is a mix of eating right and working out regularly. However, heaImage titlelthy food can also help to ensure your workouts are more effective. Russell explains: “Lots of organic foods are beneficial in terms of athletic performance. They can improve endurance, boost recovery and build muscle for instance. I try and eat a lot of salmon, as it’s great for building muscle. Pomegranate is also effective for reducing muscle soreness and weakness after training.”

Be Happier

“Clean eating is not only good for the mind but the body as well,” says Russell. “There is a lot of research and many studies that have been conducted to back this up. Scientists have found that individuals who eat a high intake of fruit and vegetables are happier overall. They have more energy and feel more content.” The chef reveals that we can expect these results quickly, with people often feeling better as soon as the following day.

Age Better

“Whether you are looking for the best di©Aqua Joynner or the best brunch in Hong Kong, you should try and consume a substantial portion of fruit and vegetables, as this will help you to stay young beyond your years. Salmon is also beneficial because the omega-3 fatty acids slow premature aging whilst improving the health of your skin cells.”

Control Your Weight

“Of course one of the©Diabetic Pick main benefits of healthy eating is weight control. You can lose weight by simply making a few changes,” says Russell. Why not order a side salad instead of a portion of fries or swap a can of fizzy pop for a glass of water?

Radiant Skin©Vasseur Beauty

Aging better leads Russell onto the next benefit – radiant skin. He says: “Choosing a healthy lunch in Hong Kong as opposed to fatty fast food is beneficial for your skin as well. You will have a natural glow and your skin will be a lot clearer.”

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