Grass-Fed English Beef Featured by M Cuisine

Grass-Fed English Beef Featured by M Cuisine

At HOFEX 2015, Chef Michael of M Cuisine showcased some excellent quality English meat in Mediterranean style.

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We sampled the English striploin with tabbouleh salad. The Tabbouleh was a refreshing complement to the beef, especially as it was topped with a delicious zesty tzatziki sauce and some pistachio bits. 

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In Hong Kong, we’re often served with grain-fed beef which is typically sourced from the US and Australia. Grain-fed beef is much fattier, giving the meat a tender texture and strong flavour. English beef is almost always grass-fed and hence much leaner and healthier. Given that the striploin served with our salad was grass-fed and had zero fatty marbling, its texture was surprisingly tender. At the same time, it also had a decent beefy taste, making lean beef an actual delicious and viable alternative. 

M Cuisine is a Mediterranean catering company (and private kitchen), located in Aberdeen / 25588664

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