Smoko: Hole-in-the-Wall Iced Coffee in Fortress Hill

Smoko: Hole-in-the-Wall Iced Coffee in Fortress Hill

Smoko: Hole-in-the-Wall Iced Coffee in Fortress Hill sets itself apart with more than just their uniquely designed cup sleeves, but also with their delicious, refreshing iced coffee options

lolleroll  lolleroll  on 8 Sep '15

No doubt there’s been a proliferation of beautiful looking coffee shops opening up in Hong Kong and despite fierce competition, the colourful floral cup sleeves from Smoko have done a good job in setting themselves apart. So much so that one lunch time I decided to take an MTR ride from Central to Fortress Hill to sample a refreshing drink from this new coffee shop.

They’re most unique for serving tap coffee which apparently is cold coffee with gas from the tap, and they recommend to have it with cucumber. It was definitely something that piqued my interest but I also had read good things about their cappuccino, where they use a cocktail shaker for the foam – and that, I just could not resist!

Iced Cappuccino

Iced cappuccino

They have a range of colourfully designed cup sleeves to choose from and these kind of gimmicky details often do the opposite of instilling confidence… but the coffee was a surprising delight! The cappuccino was appropriately strong and the milky foam was thick. I got it as part of their combo, which comes with a crabmeat and avocado croissandwich, that tasted quite nice too. Ok there was no fresh crab or fancy ingredients but it was mixed with mayo and mentaiko and the croissant was yummy. For HK$57 in total, I’d say it was more or less what I expected.

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No seating area

I came here alone on a super-scorching hot afternoon and the downside is that there’s no seating area, either inside or outside – thus the “hole in the wall” reference. If it’s quiet you can stand by the ledge on their counter and their iced drinks will promise to offset some of that sweat. I suppose we can only blame Hong Kong property prices and rent for the less-than-ideal coffee shop settings!

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Will be back for tap coffee

Nonetheless, a no-seating coffee shop is not always detrimental – it’s a highly recommended option for takeaway (anyone working nearby?). I will definitely be back just to try their tap coffee!

2-12 Wang On Road
Fortress Hill
A 3 min walk from Fortress Hill Exit A

Cost per person: HK$55-57 for the combo

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