NEW Restaurant Review: Plat du Jour Pacific Place

NEW Restaurant Review: Plat du Jour Pacific Place

Plat du Jour's second outlet opens in the prime location of Pacific Place but the prices were shockingly reasonable, and I daresay the best deal for a three course dinner

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Swire has opened a second Plat du Jour right inside Pacific Place and the casual French bistro is exactly what this and most upscale malls are missing: simple and affordable food made with good quality ingredients. They've even apparently got baristas trained in Italy and some legit Italian coffee machine. And as an avid coffee lover, I can attest to its good standards - not exactly as good as my favourite coffee shops, but definitely won't disappoint. 

Beautiful decor and comfortable seating is almost a given for such a prime location, but you wouldn't have guessed that for this environment and quality of food, you would get a three course French meal for just HK$275.

Get yourself there before 10 February 2016 during their soft opening phase, and you'll even be getting 50% off the entire menu. Now that deal is definitely unbeatable.

Home tea smoked salmon


For starters, the lobster bisque is the biggest must; it's one of their signatures and I had not forgotten that this was one of the best lobster bisques I've had since I tried it at their first Quarry Bay branch close to a year ago. Their house tea-smoked salmon is also very aromatic and delicious. But the biggest surprise came from the scallops atop braised oxtail (+HK$75) which I haven't seen served elsewhere and it was made so well.

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The moules frites (mussels and fries) is their signature and while it was pretty good, I thought the pork chop was even more outstanding. And you'll rarely hear me say this because pork will always certainly be my last resort. It was cooked in a sous vide which explains how it could be so tender.

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The desserts here are definitely worth stuffing yourselves over. I sampled a range of their desserts and I honestly find it the hardest to give a recommendation on this section of the menu.

The apple tartin has a hot thin crispy pastry bottom and is topped with meaty chunks of apple, but thankfully it wasn't too sweet. The fruit tart was perfect: pretty and traditional, and was not too sweet either. The chocolate fondant was done well with a crispy exterior and lava (but not too lava) centre. For something less common, try the petit baked alaska (+HK$40). It is filled with banana and ice cream, poured over with rum and put on fire - I had something similar at Swire's Mr. & Mrs. Fox and it was nothing short of EPIC.

In conclusion, conserve stomach space because you'll have to order something from the dessert section!

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