10 Summer Food Hacks

10 Summer Food Hacks

Summer food, you have been hacked! Cupcake holders as popsicle drip shields, efficient beer stacking in the fridge... the list goes on

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Fire up that grill and whip out those shades, because the time for work is over. Accompanying summer we have burgers and booze, parties and popsicles, but also watered down drinks and sticky popsicle fingers.

Take a vacation from irritation by picking up on these simple tips:

1.  Avoid diluted drinks by using ice cubes of the same liquid

Let's face it: we'll need a good strong coffee to avoid melting under the scorching sun and a watered down mess isn't going to cut it. In lieu of water, use the same liquid base as ice. 

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2.  Upgrade your H2O

Freeze fruit, vegetables, and herbs and simply dunk them into water to create your very own detox water: it'll flush your body of toxins and add a kick a flavour.

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3.  Peel citrus fruits the easy way

Slice both top and bottom ends off the fruit then make a vertical incision down the middle, deep until the halfway point. Peel and unroll!

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4.  Use cupcake holders to avoid popsicle drips

Sticky fingers = stained clothing. Enough said.

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5.  Spiralise your sausages to insert condiments

Look at those grooves! Just when you thought you couldn't get enough of the staple fixings of ketchup and mustard with your hot dogs, you can now insert it into the sausage itself. Plus, the meat cooks at a faster rate and the skin's crispier. Feel free to throw some relish in there too!

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6.  Hollow out fruits to use as a bowl

Not only is it totally Instagram worthy, but it saves you from having to clean up. Throw in fruits, yoghurt, or ice cream and you'll have yourself a refreshing treat! Some bowl substitutes include watermelon, coconuts, and melon.

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7.  Avoid burger spillage

There's no greater frustration than having the contents of your burger spill out. Turn your burger upside down as the top bun is twice as thick as the bottom and will support the fixings. It's a better foundation and absorber of those essential leaky sauces.

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8.  Access those packed goods easier by creating snack bowls

Sometimes trying to reach that last chip is like scavenging for treasure. Plus, it's no fun when someone hogs the entire packet at a party to rummage for crumbs either. Simply roll the bottom inwards so the snacks are pushed upward and you'll have yourself a handy bowl for convenient access!

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9.  Maximize fridge storage space by using binder clips

Your refrigerator shouldn't be stopping you from buying and consuming copious amounts of drinks simply because it isn't big enough. Instead of buying a bottle rack, use a binder clip and clamp it onto the rack with the prongs facing downwards.

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10.  Scoop ice cream easier with a warmed spoon/knife

Too often does that inevitable frozen brick deform utensils. You'll no longer have to bend over backwards (literally, in your spoon's case) in order to eat tubbed ice cream with this trick! Run your spoon and knife under hot water for 20 seconds, then make incisions and scoop.

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While you're at it, why don't you try creating the magnificence that are ice cream cookie sandwiches?

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