New York’s Most Delicious Foods

New York’s Most Delicious Foods

Chow down in the Big Apple

LukeD  LukeD  on 5 Dec '18

Do you have a forever amount of time on your hands? Because that’s how long it would take to truly get to know New York’s constantly developing foodie soul. With an influx of innovative dishes permeating the dining scene and local chefs who are always happy to improvise and amaze, you’ll have a difficult time settling for merely a handful of locations on your foodie itinerary.

However, if we absolutely have to choose, let’s gather a few of NYC’s best and tastiest foods that you should most certainly try during a stay in the city:

First and foremost: pizza


If the Joey Special pizza (any Friends fans out there?) has taught us anything, it’s the fact that New York is famous for its devotion to some of the finest pizzas the world has ever seen. You’ll find many an Italian restaurant with a tried-and-true menu that has stood the test of time, as well as those cheesy (quite literally) food courts with classic NYC pizza on offer.

Even hours after some of the finest local bars and restaurants have closed their doors, you’ll still find decent late-night pizza parlours at nearly every corner. If you have a particular pizza preference, ask the locals to point you in the right direction – they all know their pies.

Bagels and babka


Italian is not the only type of food that New York has mastered over the years. On the contrary, you’ll notice a wide array of international menus wherever you go, and Jewish delicacies are not to be missed. You haven’t been to NYC if you haven’t tasted their traditional bagels and babka. And if you haven’t heard of babka, this is the best place to discover this yeasty cake, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Whenever you need a snack, a bagel and a cup of joe should be your go-to.

Spice things up with Oriental flavours

In addition to sampling signature NYC dishes, you’ll definitely want to visit the city’s wide range of Asian restaurants. The taste of NYC dumplings as part of a dim sum outing will take you straight back to Hong Kong, with the spring rolls in the Big Apple particularly pleasing. Even the city’s local takeout menus boast a versatile range of Asian sauces to mix with your noodles and meats, so you cannot go wrong with New York’s distinctly Asian vibe.

Sensational sweets


It wouldn’t count as a trip to the foodie capital of the United States if you didn’t add at least a few quirky eateries serving up some of the most over-the-top desserts anywhere in the world. Even if the city isn’t the birthplace of waffles or crêpes, you’ll find that New York’s sweets scene finds a way to astonish the palate. From insane shakes with mesmerising (and edible) decorations, to seemingly infinitely layered crêpe cakes, all the way to classic chocolate-chip cookies, prepare an exercise routine to follow up every outing in New York – you’ll need some serious hours at the gym to burn off those oversized ice-cream sandwiches and sugar-coated doughnuts.



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