5 Recipes Which Use Tahini

5 Recipes Which Use Tahini

5 recipes which use tahini; the increasingly popular ingredient that has more uses than one may think, and is a surprisingly versatile product to keep in the fridge 

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When people think of tahini, it's likely that they immediately think of hummus. After all, it is a major component of the food dip. However, that’s not the only thing tahini can be used in; lately, many different food blogs have been using the ingredient in very creative ways.

Firstly though, what is tahini? Tahini is a paste, made from ground sesame seeds. A popular ingredient used in Middle Eastern cuisine, it's gained more recognition following the healthy food focus of recent years. Tahini can be made with both unhulled and hulled sesame seeds, though unhulled sesame seeds produce a more bitter taste. Though tahini may not seem like a versatile ingredient at first glance, here are five recipes that prove otherwise:

1. Spinach Crepes with Chickpea, Apple & Tahini Filling

Treat yourself to these healthy green buckwheat pancakes for a satisfying and nutritious meal. The crepe batter can be easily made in a blender, while the tahini adds flavour to the chickpea and apple filling. Recipe here.

2. Spicy Tahini Corn on the Cob

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In this recipe, the tahini spread helps to dress up your average corn on the cob. The result is something that should satisfy all your taste buds; the tahini spread offers tang, the corn kernels provide sweetness, and the Sriracha gives it that extra oomph, rounding out the flavours with some spiciness. Recipe here. 

3. Butter Lettuce Salad with Tahini-Honey Dressing

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One easy way to use tahini is to incorporate it into your salad dressing. This particular salad is a combination of butter lettuce, avocado, carrots and cucumber, but the nutty and zingy tahini honey dressing will pair well with almost any balanced mix. Recipe here. 

4. Date, Tahini, and Cardamom Smoothie

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If you’re looking to incorporate the nutritious tahini into a drink, try this date, cardamom and tahini combo. At its core, this smoothie is simply banana and milk, but the cardamom flavours the smoothie with a nice fall spice. The dates and tahini also complement each other, as the dates impart a caramel-like flavour and tahini gives the smoothie its nuttiness. Recipe here.

5. Molten Halva Lava Cakes

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Saving (arguably) the best for last, these molten lava cakes are not your traditional, rich chocolate cakes; instead, they’re little puds of caramel goodness. A Middle Eastern twist on the Western dessert, the tahini used in this recipe works well with the sweet caramel, and the marriage of the two flavours results in an irresistible dessert. Recipe here.  

Bonus: Homemade Tahini

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If you’re into DIY, why not try making your own tahini? It’s super simple — you just need a food processor, some sesame seeds, and oil! Recipe here. 

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