Quality Thai Food at Spices in Repulse Bay

Quality Thai Food at Spices in Repulse Bay

Indulge in beautifully recreated Southeast Asian classics at Spices in the peace and quiet of Repulse Bay

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Hong Kong is a fast-paced, electric city. We’re an efficient bunch, always looking for the quickest and most beneficial way to do something. But this means that rarely do we ever find the time to step back and relax — after all, Hong Kong is known to be a city that never sleeps.

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Guess what? It’s time to break that habit. Everyone needs a break once in while, right? Allow me to introduce Spices in Repulse Bay. Located in one of the most peaceful areas on the island, it’s the perfect place to wind down after a long week. Even we felt the effects after only being in Repulse Bay a few hours; everything just seemed to be slower and more calm.

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Once the iconic Repulse Bay Hotel, Spices offers a variety of different Southeast Asian dishes, focusing especially on Thai food. You can opt to sit in the outside terrace or go indoors; we recommend sitting outside to take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere and absolutely stunning views.

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We start with appetisers, and decide to try the Thai beef salad and Thai green papaya salad, both classics. We quickly learn that the classics have been done justice at Spices, as both salads have a perfect balance of texture, spice and acidity.

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The pad Thai at Spices is absolutely spectacular. Spices may not be particularly original, but its pad Thai was probably the best version of the noodle dish we’ve tried in Hong Kong, with the flavours and textures mingling together to create a long-lasting impression on us. Though on the sweet side, we also recommend the barbecued duck red curry — simply spoon it onto white rice and you’ll be satisfied with the perfectly cooked duck and flavourful curry.

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The other appetisers and drinks we tried were also delicious, though we could have skipped the deep-fried prawn cakes, as they weren’t particularly special. We do, however, recommend getting the dessert platter to share among friends and family. The coconut ice cream offered a beautiful, tropical flavour, while the black glutinous rice provided some interesting texture to the traditional mango sticky rice.

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G/F, The Arcade

109 Repulse Bay Road

Repulse Bay

Hong Kong


Monday to Friday

Lunch: 12:00-14:30

Dinner: 18:30-22:30

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


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