6 Paleo Hot Chocolates to Warm Your Soul

6 Paleo Hot Chocolates to Warm Your Soul

Staying healthy doesn't mean you have to give up hot chocolate; here are six guilt-free alternatives that'll warm your hands and soul

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With the recent temperature drop, it’s finally starting to feel like the regular Hong Kong winter (winter was indeed coming–just all at once–in one weekend). If hot chocolate is on your mind but you've actually stuck to something of a healthy January and don't want to undo all your hard work, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 6 paleo alternatives that won’t leave you feeling bloated or give you a stomachache:

1. Antioxidant Superfood Hot Chocolate

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This hot chocolate uses raw cacao, which is a superfood known to increase energy, improve cardiac health, among many more benefits. With numerous healing spices in it, including ginger (assists digestion) and cinnamon (anti-inflammatory, increases blood circulation), this is the perfect drink to warm you up while simultaneously boosting your immune system.

2. Chamomile Hot Chocolate

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Ever heard of Chamomile Hot Chocolate? Neither had we. The author of this recipe uses chamomile tea as her liquid in hot chocolate, and we’re surprised this technique isn’t used more often. You get the calming properties of tea and the comfort of hot chocolate—the best of both worlds! Magnesium powder is also in this recipe and helps to increase the relaxing benefits of your drink.

3. Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

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This hot chocolate is tasty but not loaded in sugar and fat. With the addition of high quality dark chocolate and coconut and almond milk in place of regular milk, this recipe gives you the taste of regular hot chocolate without the guilt. Remember to omit the heavy cream for a true paleo drink.

4. White Hot Chocolate

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When one thinks of white hot chocolate, they probably think of the super sweet drink that consists of white chocolate melts into milk. But that’s not the only way you can have white hot chocolate—ever heard of cacao butter? While it gives a slightly different flavour, this recipe is still worth trying for a drink that’s not quite as sweet.

5. Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Want to spice things up? This twist on the classic hot chocolate features a kick of heat with the addition of cayenne pepper. Made with cacao powder and coconut milk, this Mexican hot chocolate is creamy but still healthy, meaning you can add some marshmallows on top if you’re feeling just a little indulgent.

6. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

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Mint and chocolate are a classic combination, so there’s no wonder that there is a paleo version. Simply add ¼ tsp of peppermint extract to your paleo hot chocolate base, and the result will be a wonderfully fragrant peppermint hot chocolate. Try other flavorings if mint isn’t your thing—a dash of vanilla extract is a no-fail option (just make sure it’s pure and paleo).



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