Some Bitter News: There’s a Global Sugar Shortage

Some Bitter News: There’s a Global Sugar Shortage

Consumption of sugar is outpacing production of sugar, so expect to pay higher prices for the sweet commodity this year and next year

mabellui  mabellui  on 6 Apr '16

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Yes, you read that right: the production of the sugarcane crop, which provides us with the beautiful thing we call sugar, is suffering due to events caused by El Niño. Many Asian cane crops in India, China, and Thailand have been affected with severe droughts, which unfortunately is resulting in a sugar shortage.

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According to Green Pool Commodity Specialists, “The drought impact is expected to carry forward into 2016-17 because of reduced planting, reduced plant health and reduced plant care.” Consumption of sugar will outpace production, which means that we can expect sugar prices to climb this year and next year.

What does that mean for us? Well, in simpler terms, be prepared to pay a bit more for your sugar and let’s all hope that this shortage doesn’t last for too long.

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