3 Lunch Deals in Wanchai at $100 or Less

3 Lunch Deals in Wanchai at $100 or Less

Wanchai a great place to find an awesome lunch deal—here are three of our favorites

mabellui  mabellui  on 25 Jul '16

Previously, Wanchai was not an area known for its food offerings and people rarely would have considered it for much more than the market, playground or red light district. But, this has long since ceased to be the case as Wanchai has built up a plethora of amazing eats throughout. But we are just going to give you a tiny taste of three of our fave cheap eats at less than a hundred bucks a pop! 

Kelly’s Cape Bop

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Kelly’s is a cute little place on Johnston Road that features delectable, easy Korean food. It’s one of our go-tos when our tongues begin salivating for something spicy—after all, it’s nice to have some spice in your life, right? The kimbap (sushi-esque Korean rice rolls, $50) and bibimbap (your choice of meat over a bed of rice and veggies, $60) are both reliable options for lunch, and you can pair each with either a drink or a salad for an extra $30. It’s definitely worth sampling the snack food at Kelly’s as well; add sweet and crunchy small chicken bites to a main and drink for a total of exactly $100 or try the satisfyingly chewy and spicy ttukboki as a side ($50). One drawback: Kelly’s doesn’t have seats, so it’s best as a takeaway or delivery option.

Tel: 25299984

G/F, 57 Johnston Road, Wanchai

Cóm Bánh Mì

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This spot specialises in—you guessed it—Vietnamese banh mi. However, that’s not all they offer; pho (noodles) and com ga (rice) are the other choice of mains. Essentially, the menu consists of a 4-step process: pick your meat, main, side (which include garlic butter wings and spring rolls, among others), and drink, all for $80. We recommend trying the chicken and duck com ga, which is both fragrant and filling. The “premium” Iberico pork rib banh mi is also worth trying for the pork's flavour and tenderness, but unfortunately cannot be bought as part of a combo. Overall, Cóm Bánh Mì offers consistent and reasonably priced food, making it a good choice as a quick stop for lunch.

Facebook Page or Tel: 25289131

G/F, 28 Tai Wong Street East, Wanchai

Bread & Beast

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Almost everyone can make a decent ham and cheese sandwich, so naturally our expectations for a gourmet sandwich are quite high. We expect the bread to filling ratio to be just right, with enough sauce and crunch in the sandwich to make it juicy and texturally interesting without being difficult to eat. Bread & Beast’s sandwiches fit the bill: they have all the necessary components but never neglect flavour and texture. All sandwiches are $68-88, but you can also add sides and lemonade to your meal at an extra price from 12-2pm to fill you up even more. Personal recommendations include the ngau lam wich and ur veggie welcome.

Website or Tel: 91206869

G/F, 3 Swatow Street, Wanchai

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