In Bangkok: Daniel Thaiger

In Bangkok: Daniel Thaiger

If you're in Bangkok and a burger connoisseur, Daniel Thaiger is a stop that absolutely should not be missed

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As Americans scatter across the globe, a burger phenomenon has taken major cities by storm.  In Hong Kong alone, there are countless joints competing for the best burger title on an annual basis, including names like Butchers Club, Blue Butcher, Double DShake ‘Em Buns, Burger Circus, and so many more.  

A visit to Bangkok offers a whole different burger scene, which started with a number of small outlets (Burger Factory, Bangkok Burger, Firehouse) serving mainly foreigners and Thai's seeking Western cuisine.  Two years ago, a small phenomenon was created by Daniel Thaiger, a concept by Mark and Honey Falcioni, a couple who spent time in Los Angeles before moving back to Bangkok three years ago.  After seeing the food truck craze dominate the Los Angeles dining scene, Mark and Honey saw an opportunity to disrupt the market in Bangkok.  Leveraging Mark’s passion for cooking and his experience managing operations with Starbucks, they invested their savings into outfitting the first food truck in Bangkok, in hopes of building a sustainable business to support their family.  Launching in 2013 at RCA, a popular late-night clubbing spot, the Daniel Thaiger Burger Truck was brought to life selling to mostly the local Thai party crowd craving late-night eats.

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After a two-year parking stint on the popular Sukhumvit 38 dining street, they recently relocated to Sukhumvit 23 and have partnered with CRAFT, a craft beer bar and beer garden.  Talk about a great collaboration!

Their simple menu kicks off with two main options, both available in beef and pork: the Thaiger Burger and the Mr. Steve.  All burgers come with a daily-ground, hand-shaped meat patty and are accompanied by a “just-right” toasted brioche bun.

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The Thaiger Burger (pork: 129 baht/beef: 139 baht) is the classic burger option, with a standard lettuce/tomato/special sauce topping.  The Mr. Steve (pork: 159 baht/beef: 169 baht) adds to the classic burger by adding 3 thick slices of cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and grilled onions, and is one of the bestsellers on the menu. For those of you seeking something more Asian-flavoured, the Sumo Oat Pork Burger (159 baht) is glazed with a teriyaki sauce, topped with grilled onions and a spicy mayo.   For those of you who have vegetarian or pescetarian friends who join you, there’s also a tuna melt (79 baht) and a grilled cheese (49 baht) for them.

Inspired by In-N-Out’s secret, off-the-menu options, Daniel Thaiger’s got a few tricks up their sleeve and you won’t be disappointed.  Our favourite burger starts with The Cowboy (199 baht), which delights your taste buds by topping your preferred patty with double bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and a homemade Thai whisky BBQ sauce.  Hold your heart, we’re not done yet!  As a special topping that can be added to any burger, we love the “On Fire” option (20 baht).  If you’re looking for more flavour, this option adds a spicy meat spread to your burger, and brings everything to life.  

For those of you lucky enough to hit a "special burger" day, one of our favourites is the Jalapeno Mac-N-Cheese Burger.  We think a picture says a thousand words here, so we'll leave you with these:

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The only downside is the truck doesn’t produce french fries, but with a burger this good, we were willing to overlook that omission from the menu.  

If you're in Bangkok and a burger connoisseur, this is a stop that cannot be missed. Burgers can be graded with subjectivity, but we think Daniel Thaiger is checking all the boxes.  It’s a delicious burger complete with a seasoned meat patty, sturdy toasted bun and then topped with fresh veggies and quality toppings.  We couldn't ask for anything more.

Daniel Thaiger Burger Truck
16 Sukhumvit 23
Bangkok, Thailand
+66 (0) 84 549 0995

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