Baywater Sweets, Hama Hama, and Blue Pools, Oh My!

Baywater Sweets, Hama Hama, and Blue Pools, Oh My!

Oysters Fresh from the Pacific NW United States Arrive at The Walrus

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It was Saturday afternoon and with the fine October weather in Hong Kong, it felt like a great day to meet up with friends, open a bottle of white wine, and check out some new seafood on the half shell.  A quick rundown of what we sampled:

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Baywater Sweet Oysters:  Grown in an estuary off the coast of Washington state, this was a sweet oyster with a firm body.  It’s a tumbled oyster, meaning it’s grown in a mid-sized cage in the ocean, which allows the oyster to tumble around as the cage flips around due to the changing tides, the oyster is forced to use its muscles to stabilize itself.  This tumbling effect creates a deeper shell (rather than long and skinny), and a more firm oyster texture.  

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Hama Hama Oysters:  Also from Washington state, this was a more briny oyster, with both the meat inside and the oyster juice having a clean briny finish.  This is an untumbled oyster, and grown in flat beds on the river bed.

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Blue Pool Oysters: These tumbled oysters had a briny juice and a sweet body.  Paired with a mignonette (vinegar, shallots, and black pepper), this had a well-balanced flavour and a firm texture.

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Blue Clams: This was our least favorite of the day.  Having not had raw clams before, this had a strong mineral taste, and was a bit sandy.  We’re told it’s an acquired taste.  

We’d recommend these fresh oysters and a glass of wine/bubbly as a fun stop for a quick bite before your dinner reservations.  

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