NEW Brunch: Little Burro in Sheung Wan

NEW Brunch: Little Burro in Sheung Wan

Come for the breakfast burrito, stay for the banana bread

Mac  Mac  on 21 Apr '16

Being from Los Angeles, this writer's bar on Mexican food is pretty high.  We've all read the numerous complaints about how terrible the Mexican food in Hong Kong is, and although there isn't anything in Hong Kong that makes us want to run straight out and get a burrito, there are a few spots around town that can satisfy a craving when it rears its ugly head.

Little Burro has been in business for about 2.5 years now, and only started serving a brunch menu a few weeks ago.  Now, for those of you from California, you all know how amazing a good breakfast burrito can be to as a morning treat.  Fluffy scrambled eggs, spicy chorizo, beans, potatoes, guacamole, sour cream...  my mouth is already watering.  For some reason, devouring breakfast burritos (with loads of neon orange hot sauce) also always seems to coincide with hangover mitigation, but maybe that's just the movie we've been watching.  

Look! A brunch crowd!

Look! A brunch crowd!

We decided to pop down to Little Burro to give this brunch a go, and ordered above-mentioned, highly anticipated breakfast burrito ($78), and were also encouraged to try the homemade banana bread ($45) as a light sweet dessert.  In our household, banana bread was one of those delicious treats that appeared on the kitchen counter at home only when bananas had hit that too-ripe blackness, and were no longer good for eating.  As we currently live in a country where an oven is not standard-issue, I rarely see this delicious treat regularly.  And oftentimes when I do, it's usually too dry, and not very "banana-y".  

The breakfast burrito arrived first, and in true San Francisco Mission-Style, was wrapped in tin foil, awaiting its visit to my stomach.  We said, "YES" to a big flour tortilla, scrambled eggs, chorizo, roast potatoes (we would have preferred hash browns or french fries, but you can't win them all), beans, and guacamole.  One previous Foodie writer mentioned the use of Sriracha for their burrito, but if you're going legit Mexican, you've got to choose Cholula as your spicy condiment of choice, with its unusually bright orange, yet-so-delicious, colour.

That burrito disappeared in approximately 4 minutes and 28 seconds.  But who's counting?

Mmm... Breakfast Burrito

So much deliciousness.  See Cholula hiding in the background?

After a quick breather, the banana bread arrived... and we were curious why it had taken a bit of time to prepare.  In most cases, it's usually just a quick slice of the knife to an already prepared loaf.  But no, this is char-grilled banana bread.  Served with a small side of fruit and greek yoghurt, there were no words as to how good this banana bread was.  Moist, chock full of banana flavour, walnuts, and those delicious charred grill marks, this was a hands-down winner.  Pair that with the creamy tartness of the Greek yoghurt?  Say "YES" to banana bread. 

Whoa yes, Banana Bread!

Eat all the banana bread. Eat all the yoghurt, especially with the pepitas. Note the grill marks.

For those of you nursing that hangover, there's no better way back to health than to get back on that train.  Free flow prosecco margaritas or mimosas for $200.  Why not?  

The weekend is arriving shortly.  What are you doing for brunch?  That's right, breakfast burrito and banana bread.  Don't forget the mimosa. 

Brunch is only available at Little Burro Sheung Wan, weekends and public holidays from 11am-3pm.

Little Burro

Facebook or Tel: 2547 8821

Brunch 11am-3pm on weekends and public holidays

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