It Tastes Like You Just Cracked a Coconut

It Tastes Like You Just Cracked a Coconut

Newcomer INVO Coconut Water uses new cold-press technique to lock in freshness and real flavour

Mac  Mac  on 25 May '16

There is an overabundance of coconut water brands available to us in Hong Kong. And with that, there comes a varying degree of quality associated with each one.  Having spent an extended amount of time living in Thailand with access to fresh Thai coconuts, this writer has become rather picky about coconut juice. 

To be honest, one of the only times I choose to drink coconut water is when I'm hungover, or just feeling extremely dehydrated.  And yes, it's usually the former.  I've found that most of the bottled coconut juice I've purchased from standard outlets like 7-Eleven, tastes processed, has very little coconut taste, and is usually quite bland.  

During a recent street food festival, I sampled a delicious fresh, cold-pressed coconut water from Punch Detox.  It was refreshing, slightly sweet, and full of coconut flavour.  When I tried INVO, I was not expecting a processed coconut water to possess those same qualities, but it actually did.  

INVO Coconut WaterINVO Coconut Water: Two flavours!

What's This New Technology?

INVO uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, or as INVO explains it, “expertly cold-pressed”, to bottle its coconut water. HPP secures the coconut water’s freshness and raw properties, such as vitamins, electrolytes and minerals and preserves the nutritional benefits that would instead be harmed by heat. 

It Can Turn Pink?

Apparently, it's so fresh that its pure coconut water may actually turn pink if you leave the bottle uncapped for too long. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs from fresh coconut water, and never from concentrate. The pink coconut water is just the same to drink and if anything, proves that its high quality nutrients and freshness are well maintained and delivered directly to consumers.

Where Do I Buy It?

INVO is available at selected 7-Eleven stores with two flavours, Pure and Tropical, ($25 HKD for a 300ml bottle). Pure is the original coconut water, and Tropical offers a blend of pure coconut water with fresh pineapple, passion fruit and mango juice. 


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