Restaurant REVIEW: Issaya Siamese Club

Restaurant REVIEW: Issaya Siamese Club

Thai Semi-Buffet Lunch in Causeway Bay 

Mac  Mac  on 21 Jul '16

As fans of Issaya Siamese Club and the flavours that they've brought to us here in Hong Kong, we recently learned that they offer a semi-buffet lunch for weekday lunch diners in Causeway Bay.  Starting at $238 and ranging to $350, Issaya is offering their signature appetizer and dessert buffet, paired with one main course, with their Chiang Mai mushroom rice, and coffee/tea included.  

With Thai food having so many great salad varieties, we had high expectations from the appetizer buffet, and were ready to conquer the buffet line. 

Appetizer Buffet

For those of you who have been to Issaya before, picture their entire kitchen counter filled with big bowls of Thai salads, small bites, and appetizers.  Some of our favourites were the Somtum Talay (green papaya salad with seafood), the Yum Som-O (pomelo salad with quail egg), and the Moo Manow (Pork Loin Salad with Lime Dressing).  

Albeit, this writer used to live in Bangkok, and so we thought that everything could use a LOT more heat to it, the flavours were all intact, but just needed chillis added. We understand that at a buffet, you've got to make things so that everyone can eat, so if you're looking for Thai-spicy, you may want to return during the evenings when you can order your own plates at your preferred spice level. 

Som Tum Talay

Som Tum Talay - Green Papaya Salad with Seafood

Yum Som O

Yum Som O - Pomelo Salad with Quail Egg

Koong Tod - Crispy Fried Shrimp

Yum Makur Koong Tod - Crispy Fried Shrimp

Main Courses

The main courses are all cooked-to-order, and this is where we really found that Issaya hit its stride. We ordered two main courses to share, and chose the Hor Mok Goong Mung Korn, which is the steamed whole Maine lobster, topped with a lobster curry custard ($350), and the Massaman Gae, which is a lamb shank simmered in Massaman curry.  

Hor Mok Goong Mung KornHor Mok Goong Mung Korn

The lobster dish was absolutely fantastic.  It's always a treat to get a whole lobster, and this did not disappoint. The creaminess of the lobster curry custard topping, coupled with the coconut milk and the sweetness of the lobster meat was a winner, and our stomachs found great happiness here.  

Massaman GaeMassaman Gae

As a great complement, the lamb shank, braised in the peanuty Massaman curry gave great contrast to the lobster. The meat fell right off the bone, and paired with a bowl of white rice, this was a great comfort food moment for us as we finished up the savoury part of our meal. 

Dessert Bar

If you like sweets, Issaya's dessert bar offers a great selection of treats to get you ready for the afternoon ahead.  The homemade ice cream, with flavours changing daily, was a win, as was the Thai-style creme brulee, the Kanom Dok Mali (Jasmine Flower Panna Cotta), and the delicate macarons. 

Desserts Galore

Desserts Galore!


This is actually a great way to come in to Issaya to try out all their small plates and appetizers while also getting the benefit of sampling their main courses as well. Bring a group of people and share the main courses like we did.  We found good value here, and enjoyed the quiet, modern ambiance of the restaurant, especially when it's in the middle of hectic Causeway Bay. 

Issaya Siamese Club

25/F, Soundwill Plaza II - Midtown

1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

Website or Tel: 2154 3048

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