NEW Printemps Menu: Light and Healthy at SPOON by Alain Ducasse

NEW Printemps Menu: Light and Healthy at SPOON by Alain Ducasse

Are those superfluously heavy fine-dining meals upsetting your summer body? SPOON by Alain Ducasse has a five-course set dinner that might be just the thing

Mac  Mac  on 19 Jul '16

Let's face it. We're pretty spoiled here in Hong Kong when it comes to fine dining. The options for Michelin-starred meals abounds, and if you enjoy fine dining, you've got a large number of fantastic options to choose from. We enjoy these luxurious (and often excessive) meals to no end, however, there can be moments after completing the meal where you feel like you've simply overeaten.  The richness of a foie gras and lobster ravioli with an uni butter cream sauce, although 200% decadent, might possibly just send anyone home with a case of acute gout (also known as "rich man's disease").  

When we heard that SPOON by Alain Ducasse at the Intercontinental Hong Kong was launching their "Printemps Menu", we were excited to see what they had crafted up as a lighter alternative to the traditional set menu we've become accustomed to. Because they've always done innovative and new things at SPOON, the exact set menu we've tried here will probably not be available as they change this menu every 15 days. So without further ado, let's get into the food. 

We're treated to a delightful zucchini mousse with tomato confit amuse bouche.  It's like eating a small cloud, and we're already liking how this meal is getting going.

Amuse Bouche - Zucchini Mousse

Zucchini mousse with tomato confit

The chilled white coco bean soup arrives as our first course, and it's delightful. It's light, with a creamy bean textured purée and a few crunchy coco beans.  The savoury and sweet flavours of the white beans are offset by a fresh squeeze of lime, and the dish is complex and fantastic. Unfortunately, soup rarely photographs well, so you'll have to imagine this one. 

The marinated sardines served with confit bell peppers offer a great balance to the last soup course. The smoked flavour of the bell peppers blend nicely with the sardines, which are marinated in an herbed olive oil.  

Marinated Sardines with Confit Bell PeppersMarinated sardines with confit bell peppers

The soft and crunchy quinoa with seasonal veggies and herb pesto is served and this might be one of the best quinoa dishes we've ever eaten.  The quinoa is steamed, then baked to a crisp, and topped with asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, beets, and broccoli. The vegetables are sweet, and the whole dish is smoky, herby, and delicious.   

Image title

Soft and Crunchy QuinoaSoft and crunchy quinoa with seasonal vegetables and herb pesto

As the second course arrives, we're actually starting to get full. The monkfish medallion served with a tomato-girolle mushroom is a great way to conclude this meal. The monkfish is prepared well and seasoned lightly with black pepper and olive oil. The tanginess of the Kalamata olives is balanced by the umami flavour of the girolle mushrooms and the sweetness of the toasted hazelnuts, and there is utter silence at the table. 

Monkfish medallion, tomato-girolle mushroom

Monkfish medallion with tomato-girolle mushroom

We're offered a beautiful "Gariguette" strawberry in warm jus as a sweet treat, which features a sorbet and strawberries flown in from France. There are some strawberry-flavoured meringue wafers as a complement to the dish offering a bit of texture.  

"Gariguette" strawberries in warm jus"Gariguette" strawberries in warm jus

It truly was a highly enjoyable dining experience.  The thing that's great is that for those diners seeking to have a more traditional fine-dining experience, they do also have their standard Summer Menu and a Summer Black Truffle Menu.  We recommend this option highly and without reservation, especially to those of you looking to have a special meal, while watching that summer beach body. 

SPOON by Alain Ducasse

Intercontinental Hong Kong

Website or Tel: 2313-2256

Oh, and there are homemade marshmallows. :)

Homemade marshmallows

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