Betsutenjin Ramen, Causeway Bay

Betsutenjin Ramen, Causeway Bay

If you've never had tonkotsu, also know as Japanese pork bone ramen, you're in for a treat.

MaggieNg  MaggieNg  on 20 Mar '15

This tiny, pokey, out-of-the-way noodle joint boasts no MSG or milk-added, brothy goodness. Even if you've had ramen, forget the majority of food court chain stores-this is the real deal. The sheer viscosity of the liquid is that of a creamy, protein-rich, almost gravy-like slightly sticky and oily quality that can only be had with the good stuff-boiled for hours till fat and marrow form such an opaque substance. 

Mine came with the prerequisite rolled pork belly, or chashu (only a distant relative to the barbecued pork product Hong Kongers should be quite familiar with, char siu) thinly sliced and thrown into a hearty bowl with plenty of chopped spring onions adding a fresh and piquant counterbalance to the rich and meaty soup, which had a surprising depth of flavour compared to its umami-filled but more artificial cousins. The egg, flavoured with soy and softly boiled, sits amongst the noodles which are not too soft, not too firm, lightly springy and moreish. A piece of dried seaweed sits half-submerged, which is crisp and salty, also complementing the rich and heavy ramen broth.

Betsutenjin specialises in tonkotsu ramen - Mine had the addition of an egg, but diners can also select one without egg, or one with shrimp, and the addition of gyoza dumpling, potato or shrimp salad - all for about $HK80.


Shop 3A, G/F, 277 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay 

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