This is Definitely Our Cup of Tea

This is Definitely Our Cup of Tea

Sit down and enjoy a good cup of tea (and hopefully it will be your cup of tea)

magu  magu  on 16 Mar '16

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DK Cuppa Tea is a small little gem in Shueng Wan, with a captivating Parisian floral garden entrance. The place is owned by DK Aromatherapy, a Hong Kong aromatherapy brand. This is great for anyone who's into relaxation, conversations, and pastry stations. They offer workshops and private parties also.

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DK Cuppa tea is like a Parisian / Japanese tea house with tons of little glass bottles of tonics and essential oils. As one walks closer to the entrance, they will be mesmerised by the aroma around the place. And it's not as directive as a certain clothing store in Central. The aroma is pure relaxation with…and rose. It smells wonderful, and the place complements the scent very well.

Food & Drink:

This place has tons to offer, but we recommend their newest spring special, the spring symphony afternoon tea set, which not only appeals to the five senses, but also brightens up anyone's day with a pretty floral fragrance. This dreamy set is available at both their two locations in Sheung Wan and Soho until April 30 2016.

While they offer a pot of organic aromatic tea, we commend getting the "rose garden" iced cocktail. Though it's non-alcoholic, this drink is it. And we loved it with a bunch of pretty little edible flowers on top. 

Indulge in the crispy salmon puff pastry and a flowerpot of delectable savouries. Offering eight cones in four ingredients, filled with Parma ham, wasabi scallop, shrimp salad and tuna salad. These are accompanied with a side of scones made with natural yeast and served with clotted cream and jam.

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The spring symphony has quite a few sweets in the tea set. And it was so delicious! The Korean floral lavender cupcakes are very special as is the gorgeously garnished yuzu cupcake with edible flowers. Our favourite was the refreshing yuzu cheesecake! This cheesecake was just the right amount of sweet, and it's very easy to clear out all of the cakes in the tea set. The also have some heart-shaped macarons, rose petal cookies, and chocolates on top of all this. 


This is a really cute place, and perfect for couples, bff's, friends and even if you're alone and trying to get work done. This place is good for everybody who enjoys teas, pastries and / or aromatherapy. They offer a lot of creative ideas for gifts as well. It would be great if the place eventually expands into a larger space, but for right now, the feel is really nice and cosy. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable about all the essential oils, which is an added bonus. Be sure to ask about their special promotions and their cupcake DIY workshops. 

DK Cuppa Tea/ DK Aromatherapy (Soho)

Address: 16A Staunton Street, Central

Telephone: 2771 2847

Operating hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - 10pm


DK Cuppa Tea/ DK Aromatherapy (Sheung Wan)

Address: 19 New Market Street, Sheung Wan

Telephone: 2386 3588

Operating hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - 8:30pm

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