Guest Bartender Julian Short (Sin + Tax, Johannesburg) pops up in Hong Kong

Guest Bartender Julian Short (Sin + Tax, Johannesburg) pops up in Hong Kong

Check out his innovative cocktails at Stockton on 13th August

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MaximalConcepts  MaximalConcepts  on 12 Aug '19

A wildly passionate traveler with a flair for experimental culinary techniques, it's no surprise that Julian Short is both an internationally renowned bartending champion but also the manager and owner of South African speakeasy, Sin + Tax.

With his knowledge of cocktail craft and his experience representing South Africa in competitions around the world, Julian Short has quickly become a household name in the South African bar industry.

Join us at Stockton for a special, one-night-only guest bartending shift as Julian brings his love for innovation and flavour behind our bar!

Date: Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Time: 8–11pm

Location: Stockton, 32 Wyndham Street, Central

Price: All cocktails at HKD$90 + 10%



  • Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Salted Cinnamon Milk, Pineapple Juice, Chardonnay

Great Outdoors

  • Peated Single Malt Whisky, Miso Honey Water, Sour Green Apple, Fresh Ginger, Maraschino

Paint Brush

  • Widges Gin, Grapefruit & Thyme Cordial, Sparkling Wine

Snakes & Daggers

  • Scotch Whisky, Honey Water, Coffee Calvados, Bitters

Comfortably Plum

  • Scotch Whisky, Pink Gin, Bay Leaf & Juniper Cordial, Fresh Plum Juice, Chenin Blanc

Tropic Like It's Hot (Non-Alcoholic)

  • Bay Leaf & Juniper Cordial, Sour Green Apple, Fresh Plum Juice, Fresh Ginger, Soda



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