Try the Newest Dish at Brickhouse: Molcajete Nachos

Try the Newest Dish at Brickhouse: Molcajete Nachos

The molcajete nachos are so good that they'll keep the margaritas flowing at Brickhouse

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MaximalConcepts  MaximalConcepts  on 20 Feb '16

The newest dish on the Brickhouse menu, the molcajete nachos, are named after the dish they're served in, a heavy grey stone bowl normally used in Mexico for grinding chilli and spices into a paste. The bowl they are served in is the perfect platform for this knockout starter. The nachos are layers of textures and tastes made up of the house-made traditional black beans on the bottom, house-made corn chips and guacamole, sour cream, jalapeño con queso, jalapeños, red onions, cilantro and lime.

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Four skewers of chili-spiced shrimp and ribeye complete the ensemble. They are perfect for dipping into the glorious mix.

The kaleidoscope of vibrant flavours complement each other very well, the heat of the chilli and zing of the citrus, the smoothness of the guac and the crispiness of the chips.

This new dish is the ultimate table sharing option, allowing the margaritas and cocktails to continue to flow.


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