Breakfast Delivery is Now Available

Breakfast Delivery is Now Available

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There's nothing quite like getting breakfast delivered

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Double D is calling out to all burger fans and coffee addicts because we all know that mornings without bacon are like Mondays without coffee. As a result of this we have teamed up with Deliveroo to deliver your favourites from our quality breakfast menu straight to your door from today onwards for a much needed morning pick-me-up.

These mind-blowing breakfast muffins include the “Breakfast Buddy”, the “Early Bird” and the “Farmhouse”. Not only are we doubling up your morning cravings with the Double Down, we are also tripling up your options for pure happiness. Order yours now and shove a breakfast burger down ‘motherclucker’!

Enter DD100 to get HK$100 off for your Double D delivery from Deliveroo


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