New Chocolate Debut: Ruby Chocolate

New Chocolate Debut: Ruby Chocolate

A new invention on the chocolate scene creates a brand new type of chocolate for the first time in 80 years

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Ruby chocolate is the first new chocolate discovery in 80 years! Following the invention of white chocolate eight decades ago, Ruby joins the short list of chocolate types: milk, dark, and white chocolate. Launched back in September 2017 by the reputable chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut and now released to the public here in Hong Kong. Its subtle pink colour is not artificially added; the chocolate is produced purely from the extraction and preparation of the 'ruby bean,' which is a newly-found red cocoa bean.

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And this is what we think of it...

We tried a huge variety of ruby chocolate-infused desserts at the launch. This Including a carbonated ruby chocolate drink topped with a chocolate straw, a chocolate paired with vinegar caviar, cheesecake dipped in ruby chocolate, and many more! As with other chocolates, the applications of the ruby type are far reaching and limited only to the imagination. We concluded that ruby chocolate is best eaten as a topping or coating of a dessert as it is too sweet on its own or as the primary flavour.

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This is Barry Callebaut's own interpretation of what Ruby Chocolate tastes like for reference.

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Our team agrees that the chocolate's fruity and sweet factor is most prominent. The chocolate doesn't have that bitter taste to balance out the sweetness. Therefore, if you don't have a sweet tooth, this may not be for you. However, if you do like fruit-flavoured chocolate, this is one you should definitely give a try.

Ruby chocolate creator Callebaut has unveiled that the ruby chocolate will be available for artisan chocolatiers and pastry chefs in Hong Kong this September. So watch out for the pink treat at dessert outlets and on restaurant menus around town this Autumn.

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