Truffles & Bubbles Happy Hour at PAPI

Truffles & Bubbles Happy Hour at PAPI

Because happy hour is the best hour...

natasyaviona  natasyaviona  on 5 Aug '18

Let’s be real: Hong Kong is an expensive place to live. Once in a blue moon, I’ll go for the occasional indulgence, but more often than not, you’ll find me in the kitchen whipping up cheap meals. So when PAPI’s Truffles & Bubbles promotion came in – $118 for unlimited truffle-laden Italian bites and free-flow sparkling wine – my eyes widened with joy.

From 5–7pm on Monday–Friday, you can indulge in never-ending truffle delicacies like crispy sandwich with black truffle and Parma ham (original price $108), pizza with black truffle and Gorgonzola cheese (original price $238) and truffle-dusted fries (original price $68), along with unlimited sparkling wine. With no end date to this promotion in sight, head on over to PAPI whenever the mood strikes.

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Crispy sandwich with black truffle and Parma ham

I’ll be honest, though – you do get what you pay for. While the sparkling wine was on point, synthetic truffles were used in the crispy sandwich. They smelled amazing but contributed little to the overall flavour. But, hey, who’s complaining? If it were up to me, I can easily down three of these ooey, gooey, cheesy, delicious truffle sarnies.

With summer here in full force, PAPI is also introducing a new summer menu inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients. According to Benjamin Lung, founder of PAPI, this is one of their most innovative menus yet.

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The Sicilian white shrimp with green peas and garlic chips pizza ($168) was indeed very creative but, unfortunately, not my cup of tea. Call me boring, but my pizza orders extend to just pepperoni and cheese. But if you’re more adventurous, do give this a try and tell us what you think!

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The linguine with sea urchin, garlic and Italian parsley ($178) was a combination of foolproof flavours. This pasta dish reminded me of the ocean – creamy owing to the sea urchin’s signature buttery texture, with an intense, briny-sweet flavour. And for the sake of prioritising your happiness over everything else, you get a pass for not sharing this one with your friends.

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Homemade beef meatballs

We also had an assortment of dishes including homemade beef meatballs ($88), pizza margherita ($138) and beetroot, apple, ricotta and Italian walnut salad ($108).


PAPI is a great spot to drop by before heading to the cinema or even when you want to start the night early. The wall-to-wall windows create a laid-back environment in which to indulge in a two-hour chat with a friend, paired with decadent finger food and glasses of sparkling wine. The abundance of natural light also makes it perfect for a good Instagram group selfie. In the end, the service was impeccable and the sparkling wine kept me happy – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

8 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, 2808 0820

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